Can music truly heal the mind and body?

Could the rhythms and harmonies of music unlock a new dimension in healthcare?

Dive into the world of music therapy with Dr. Tanya Silveira and discover how it transforms mental and neurological health. Join us in this enlightening episode of me&my health up as we dive deep into the therapeutic world of music therapy with our distinguished guest, Dr. Tanya Silveira.

Explore how tailored musical interventions can not only enhance mental well-being but also provide significant breakthroughs in treating neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and recovery from strokes.

Dr. Silveira, with her extensive background in both psychology and music therapy, sheds light on how these methods can dramatically improve life quality for those afflicted. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a caregiver, or someone interested in the potent healing power of music, this episode offers invaluable insights into a holistic approach to health that harmonises the body and mind.

About Dr. Tanya Silveira:

➡️Registered Music Therapist: Certified with a PhD focusing on music therapy for stroke rehabilitation.
➡️Educational Background: Holds degrees in Music, Arts, and Psychology, integrating these fields in her practice.
➡️Research and Advocacy: Extensively researches music therapy’s impact on stroke recovery and advocates for its inclusion in holistic health care.
➡️Public Speaker: Delivers engaging talks, including a TEDx talk on innovative music therapy techniques.


How to Connect with Dr. Tanya Silveira:

Instagram:  @tanyamariephd


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