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So you’re not feeling your best. It usually lasts a few days but then you bounce back to normal. Occasionally the turnaround takes a little longer. And then one day, it doesn’t happen at all. So you start looking for answers but don’t really get anywhere. You give something else a go. Nope, that’s not doing it either. So, you convince yourself that actually, you’re not feeling that bad and you’ll come back to it later and properly resolve the issue when you’re less busy. Sound familiar?

This is how it begins. The endless cycle of frantic drive for a solution and acceptance of a condition until it becomes your new normal. And without stopping to take a proper, more insightful look – it will stay that way and you won’t break free of what’s stopping you feeling your best. And this is why many give up.

Delving deeper, thinking more expansively and considering everything helps us understand the real issue. Only from there can we develop a plan uniquely tailored to your needs and lifestyle. A genuinely holistic answer that works in the real-world – and lasts. Whether you need help from a clinical nutritionist around dietary balance or coaching on mindfulness and sleep management, our team of experts are available to direct you all the way, working cohesively to guide you along your plan to a successful outcome.
Your goal, your plan, your success.

how it works

step 1

Book an appointment

You can do that here on the website or by calling us. You’ll receive an email to confirm the appointment.

step 2

Data Collection

We’ll send you a link so you can set up your profile on our me&my portal – it doesn’t take long. It’s designed to give us as much background information about your health and history as possible. It saves on some of the boring questions when we meet.

step 3

Let’s get together!

This is where we start to make things better! Our initial consultation (in person or online) begins the collaborative build of your personalised, manageable plan to get you where you want to be.

step 4

Keeping a watchful eye

We’re always there should you need us but we also check-in regularly with tips, encouragement, coaching and advice to keep you on target.

Gareth and Sue's journey

let’s get started

Free Discovery Session

5 minutes | Online

How the right nutrition and lifestyle medicine can change your life.


Express Nutritional Consult

$87 | 20 minutes | Online

Advice and recommendations around a specific issue or goal.


Comprehensive Wellness Consult

$227 | 1 hour | Online or in person (Randwick)

A deeper dive to get your full health and wellness picture and how to improve it.

BookWhat’s included?

examples of me&mygoals

  • Claire’s mindful morning routine
  • Joe needs weekend hikes with his dog
  • Mark would like wholesome eating habits
  • Jen requires a relaxing night time ritual
  • Paula’s after more quality time with the kids
  • Zoe wants yoga for flexibility and weight loss


Anthony takes the time to ask questions and dive into your personal needs. I loved how his advice was so well rounded, touching on multiple aspects of what makes up health aside from just food and supplements. I really got something out of it because his advice is unique but super practical! It was a really good balance between scientific and personable. Excited to start this journey!

- Chelsea Flaum

I came to Anthony with a few issues that wouldn't go away for years. In just the one session, Anthony got some tests lined up and supplements ordered and within a few months I was, and still am, feeling fantastic!

He has a great depth of knowledge and did the work with a smile on his face 😊

- Ryan Dixon

Anthony is great and got my health, fitness and eating back on track with dietary plan customised for my specific medical requirements.

Coupled with going back to the gym (referred to a great one by Anthony), I have lost 7% body fat, gained 400g of muscle AND lost 9kg overall.

I am more focused, feel energised throughout the day and have a healthy routine now. Couldn't; recommend Anthony highly enough

- George Zenon

Anthony was probably the most professional yet approachable nutritionist I have ever had a consultation with. His attitude to work, his extensive knowledge and in particular, his ability to tailor advice and consults to the client is amazing. Would definitely go again

- Romina Invierno

Anthony's advice was very practical and really went to the route cause of my issues. He is incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas. Highly recommend Anthony

- Allister Hoffenberg

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This is where me&my and our guest experts discuss everything from physical and psychological wellbeing to nutrition, mindfulness, weight management and much more.

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