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Tackling the COVID-19 Mental Health toll

Forced to isolation and social distancing, people faced a massive shift in their day-to-day life, resulting in a drastic decline of their mental wellbeing.


The Amazing Garlic Bread

The Amazing Garlic Bread. Created by Ollie Hartcher


The Best Chocolate Cookies

Delicious Chocolate Cookies. Created by Sofia Hartcher


Here’s What You Need to Know About GUT HEALTH

Have you ever felt bloated with abdominal pain? Or had trouble sleeping and didn’t know why? Turns out, it might have something to do with your gut health.


me&my Life Reflections with George Palmer

This is George Palmer’s story from starting out as an immigrant to becoming a Supreme Court Judge and then onto being an Australian Composer.


me&my COVID Reflections

In this episode of me&my health up I share my podcast story.


Growth Through Adversity with Wayne Forrest

If you’re feeling stuck and needing some inspiration look no further and tune into this inspirational episode of me&my health up with Wayne Forrest on Growth through Adversity. Hear Wayne’s story of how he has discovered new abilities from his disability and how you can grow and thrive through adversity.


Stop Dieting! Start Intuitive Eating!

In this episode we discuss this very issue of constant dieting with Clinical Nutritionist and advocate of the Non-Diet Approach Nina Kingsford-Smith.


The Secret To Mastering Fear So It’s Never A Liability Again with Stephanie Puente

This podcast episode on The Secret To Mastering Fear So It’s Never A Liability Again is for you! We will be chatting with Stephanie Puente on The Secret To Mastering Fear So It’s Never A Liability Again. Stephanie Puente is a Transformational Coach, Professional Speaker, and the President of CoreFactor Transformative Coaching.


Overcoming Fear of Failure & Self Doubt to fulfill Your Sporting Goals with Jen Brown

In this episode of me&my health up we chat with Jen Brown who provides insight into what may be holding you back from achieving your sporting goals. Jen Brown, is a Performance & Wellbeing Expert.


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