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women with heart fingers for the preventing and managing coronary artery disease

Preventing and Managing Coronary Artery Disease

featured image for the gratitude attitude blog post

Celebrating Life’s Blessings Daily: Embracing a Gratitude Attitude

featured image for the intermittent fasting hacks blog

Intermittent Fasting Hacks to Enhance Your Weight Loss Journey

Discover transformative intermittent fasting hacks from the “me&my health up” podcast. Learn practical strategies to tailor intermittent fasting to your lifestyle, enhance metabolic flexibility, and achieve sustainable weight loss. Start revolutionising your health journey today!

featured image for the music therapy blog post

Power of Music Therapy: A Holistic Approach to Mental and Neurological Health

Discover the transformative power of music therapy in addressing neurological disorders and mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and stroke recovery.

featured image for sunlight myths blog post

Sunlight Myths Debunked: Essential Guide to Safe and Healthy Sun Exposure

Discover the truth behind common sunlight myths in our comprehensive guide. Learn how to safely harness the benefits of sun exposure for better health, debunking misconceptions and exploring optimal sun practices.

featured image for debunking health myths blog

Debunking Popular Health Myths: Discover the True Path to Holistic Wellbeing

Explore the truth behind common health myths with our in-depth analysis on saturated fats, vitamin D, water intake, and more. Discover how debunking these myths can lead to a healthier, more informed lifestyle.

detachment blog featured image

Beyond Titles and Expectations: Embracing Detachment for True Personal Fulfillment

Discover how embracing detachment transcends the chase for titles and societal approval, leading to true personal fulfillment and resilience. Explore practical insights and transformative strategies for a life of genuine well-being.

Body dysmorphia featured image

Body Dysmorphia: Overcoming Negative Body Image and Finding Your Value

Explore effective strategies for overcoming body dysmorphia and improving self-esteem in our latest blog post. Learn how to embrace self-compassion and mitigate the impact of social media on your body image.

quantum healing blog post featured image

Quantum Healing in Practice: Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy Levels

Discover quantum healing to boost your energy and improve health with grounding, sunlight, and nutrition. Learn practical steps from me&my wellness experts to harness your body’s energy for a balanced life.

featured image for the mitochondria renovation

Mitochondria Renovation: Unlocking Optimal Health and Energy

Unlock the secret to boundless energy with mitochondria renovation. Discover how diet, lifestyle changes, and embracing nature can transform your health. Dive into our comprehensive guide inspired by the me&my health up podcast for revitalizing tips.


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