about me&my

how are you?

That one question really encapsulates what me&my is all about. We think it’s all about asking the right questions. And that’s the foundation of everything we do. Whether it’s an initial nutrition and digestion enquiry, an energy level or sleep issue or simply a diet and weight concern – we go deeper to get to the real truth of what’s going on. With that clarity we can then look beyond what’s been tried before and begin to plot the way to a meaningful result. And we shape the goals with you, so they’re measurable and achievable.

The answer often isn’t obvious. Mostly, you have to work to find it. A lot of our clients have previously been given one-size-fits-all solutions that have been well wide of the mark. Off-the-shelf plans that fail to understand the intricacies of the individual. Short-term fixes at best. We take a longer view – and by looking a little harder, listening better and taking nothing for granted – we craft outcomes that make a real and lasting difference to our clients’ lives.

our promise to you

me&my is built around a few simple principles. They guide what we do and how we do it.

Being inquisitive

We aim to stop the merry-go-round of ‘issue > potential solution > fail > try again’. To create optimum results through sustainable programs you need to do your homework and be prepared to question everything. That way, you can focus in on the individual’s unique set of circumstances and provide tailored, specific advice that works for them, and them alone.

Being people people

This isn’t just about being nice (although we are!), it’s about consistently approaching our work in an empathetic, supportive way. We’re all human – and should be treated accordingly. me&my is non-judgemental, anti-jargon but very pro-encouragement and reassurance. In short, we’re people who care. And we show it.

Being here (and there)

One of the many reasons wellness plans fail is when they aren’t designed to fit the client’s lifestyle. Restricted access to the consultant is also an issue. We stay close and responsive – gently coaching and mentoring. We work around our clients – often making home or work visits – so it’s more convenient for them and easier for us to input on their progress.

meet Anthony

Anthony started me&my with the express intention of demystifying the confusing world of health and wellness.

As a Sydney based clinical nutritionist he had noticed that a high proportion of healthcare programmes were failing and could see why. He’s a firm believer in treating the whole person to ensure all aspects of wellbeing are addressed and supported. This is the foundation that me&my is built on. He’s a devoted, clinical nutritionist, mindset and lifestyle medicine consultant who specialises in mental health, children’s health and body transformation.

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