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    • What is the difference between a clinical nutritionist and dietitian?
      This answer will vary depending on who you ask. Rather than compare, we prefer to focus on what we can do to help you. If you want to improve your health we would rather find out more about you first than get bogged down in a subjective comparison that might just cause more confusion and stress. At me&my our focus is on your personal health goals and providing holistic care and support that is practical and tailored specifically to your needs. We take time to research and understand what is getting in the way of your body being what you want it to be. We also try to educate so our clients understand why it is important to make changes. We recognise that dietary advice will only go so far in helping you achieve your goals so we incorporate lifestyle changes and real-world advice to further enhance your health outcomes. Our solutions are oriented around short term relief and long term remedies.
    • Is the consultation covered by Medicare or private health insurance?

      Nutritionists are not covered by medicare however are recognised by some private health insurance providers. Listed below are the current providers who cover nutrition however it does depend on your level of cover. Please consult your insurance provider to check your eligibility.

      Australian Unity
      Credicare Health Fund (CUA)
      GU Health
      HBF (GMF)
      Medibank Private
      Mildura Health Fund
      NIB (AAMI & Suncorp)
      Qantas Health Insurance
      Allow mobile consultations
    • Do you have a specialist child nutritionist covering the Sydney area?
      Absolutely, me&my specialise in family health. We have up to date 'first aid' & 'working with children' certificates and can provide copies upon request. For convenience we offer online appointments as well as face to face. Whatever works best for you! To book an appointment for your child click on 'book'. We would love to help them thrive!
    • What is the process following booking a consult?
      Our aim is to make the consultation with you as beneficial as possible. To do this we like to collate as much background information as possible before the consultation. You will be set up on the me&my health portal and this is where you enter your basic details, health history, family history, current health status and what is it you would like us to help you with. Your health portal is where your consult notes, treatment plan, prescriptions and other relevant information will be stored and made available to you anytime on any electronic device.
    • What’s involved in a consultation?
      Our consults are focused on your needs and meeting your expectations. We do not have pre-determined package solutions our wellness plans are tailored to you. Based on the information you have provided we will ask some further clarifying questions to ensure our interpretations are correct and other questions may be asked to help generate a wellness plan that will work for you and your goal. Our tailored plans for you and done in collaboration to ensure they are practical and achievable. We will also advise you of the plan forward in relation to further consults and support required to ensure you stay on track to achieve your health goals.
    • How long does it take to see a benefit?
      This will depend on your health condition, period of time with the condition and level of compliance. Our goal is always to help provide relief as soon as possible however we do not interfere with nature 's intelligence to heal. Therefore our prescriptions do not take over the function of your body they however provide the body with the resources it needs to do what it knows best - restore balance and heal. Generally you will experience positive outcomes within a few days to a week.