Why Caffeine Is Only A Temporary Solution For Sleep Deprivation!

Understanding how caffeine doesn’t completely help with lack of sleep can step you in the right direction of avoiding caffeine abuse and further sleep deprivation!


The Foundation to Nutritional Health

Do you find yourself hyper focusing on what to eat? Do you often get anxious about the calories in food, eating a “bad” snack or meal, or anxious about eating in general? You are not alone, in fact about 65% of women between the ages of 25 and 45 have disordered eating behaviors.


What Should We Eat with Clinical Nutritionist Anthony Hartcher

In this podcast episode, Anthony walks us through a holistic framework we can use to choose the right food for our bodies and minds. Guest: Anthony Hartcher, Clinical Nutritionist, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist, CEO of me&my wellness.


Overwhelm syndrome – A modern phenomenon requiring a holistic approach with Clinical Nutritionist Anthony Hartcher

Explore the environmental, physiological and psychological factors that drive the modern phenomenon of so-called “Overwhelm Syndrome”, causing symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, loneliness, and social disconnectedness.


5 Daily Habits That Are Disrupting Your Sleep!

We all feel like we could use a bit more sleep, some nights more than others. The nap that gives us the extra push of energy we use to carry out our day. What if we could feel this extra push of energy everyday by just adjusting 5 habits?


Why is Good Sleep Hygiene Important for Teens?

In this post we’ll define what sleep hygiene is and its importance. Look at contributing factors to teens’ poor sleep hygiene, and provide practical ways to address them.

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