Ever wondered how quantum healing could transform your health and energy levels?

Curious about how the ancient practice of grounding could revolutionize your energy levels?

Dive into this enlightening video where we explore the powerful blend of quantum physics and holistic wellness with Dr. Sara Pugh.

Discover practical steps for grounding, the impact of sunlight, and the significance of structured water in boosting your well-being. Join us on a journey to unlock your body’s full energy potential through quantum healing.


About Dr. Sara Pugh:
➡️Education: Earned degrees in Biochemistry, Genetics, and a Ph.D. from the
University of Leeds, UK.
➡️Research: Investigated dementia, heart health, and addiction through protein folding
and receptors.
➡️Anti-Aging: Pioneered in anti-aging and performance enhancement research.
➡️Holistic Shift: Transitioned to holistic health, focusing on people over lab work.


Connect with Dr. Sara Pugh:


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