What Should We Eat with Clinical Nutritionist Anthony Hartcher

Interview Questions discussed

1. What made you become interested in nutrition and wellness yourself?

2. For our body and mind to function at their best, what are the important nutrients that we definitely need?

3. With all the diets around (vegetarian, keto, vegan, carnivore, etc), what should a person do to be able to choose the right diet for herself/himself? What are the important elements one needs to consider to choose a diet?

4. Carbs, Salt and, Sugar…..In your own diet, where do these stand?

5. Does season affect what we should eat? How about age and sex? Or even circumstances? (for example a pregnant woman)

6. How about the raw food diet? Do food actually lose any of their nutritional value when they get cooked? What are the pros and cons of the raw food diet?

7. How can we make sure all these nutrients are actually being absorbed properly by our bodies?

8. Since depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease, does nutrition have a role to play when it comes to depression? Either directly or indirectly?

9. For an overweight person, where should he start? Make his portions smaller or follow a specific diet? (So he can focus on one thing at a time)

10. Are supplements good or bad? Since they don’t need FDA approval, How accurate are the labels? Is there a framework to choose the right ones?

11. Where do you stand with fasting? And why?

12. What are some big misconceptions or any common mistakes you see we make when it comes to nutrition or something important that is being completely ignored by everyone?