me&my Life Reflections – Helping our Younger Generation to Thrive?

me&my health up podcast episode #63 – Transcript

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Hello, Me&My health up listeners. It’s your host, Anthony Hartcher, a clinical nutritionist, and lifestyle medicine specialist.

I hope you have been enjoying this podcast series because I’m very excited to announce a new series on life reflections. This is a series where we’ll be interviewing people that have had great success in their careers, and finding out what it is that helped them achieve their success.

So they’ll be reflecting back on their life sharing stories about their life, and it won’t be all the great stories that we like to hear from rags to riches, it will be all sorts of stories, and it’s going to be related to helping you through your career, in terms of understanding what’s important and what’s not.

So some of these people I’m going to be interviewing have started a career with no education, or no formal education in terms of degrees and all that that we seek to have today. They’ve started their career with, you know, having left school at an early age, and just relied on other attributes to what is important in life, and so some of these people have had a great support network, others have had religious faith that’s really helped them through and navigate them through their success, and others have relied on building on their skill set, skill set that they learned at university, and some may have started a career and found another career later on.

So it’s to help those that are either starting out in their career and not sure where to start what to do. but really what I’m gathering from what you know, when I research and when I interview these people, is that that doesn’t necessarily matter about you know, having this dilemma at the start of your career. It’s more about making a start, and an in a start in an area that resonates with you, that is close to your heart, that you believe strongly in terms of its importance in society.

So that’s what I gather is really important for me to share is these life stories of others that have now reflecting back on their life, and looking at what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, so that you can start your career and really focus on your strengths and not worry about, you know, the areas that you don’t have that others have got, but it’s really focusing on your strengths and building on those.

This new series will be dropping every four to six weeks. So the first one in a couple of weeks, but generally you’ll have a new life reflections episode every four to six weeks. I really hope you enjoy them. If you know of anyone that would like to be on the series, please put them in contact with me, and please give me feedback. I’d love to hear what you think of this new series, though.

Please enjoy another series of Me&My Health Up called Life Reflections.

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