How to Discover your Dream Life with Wayne Forrest

me&my health up podcast episode #80 – Transcript

Anthony Hartcher 0:00
Welcome to another helpful episode of me&my health up. I’m your host Anthony Hartcher. I’m a clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicines specialist. This episode is centered around helping you transition from COVID or helping you transition out of the lockdown state that we find ourselves into, into a more so-called normal or new normal and it’s going to do this by helping you assess where you’re currently at.

But where you’d like to be is the most important thing, and today to help us, we have back our guests from episode number 70 Wayne Forrest. So Wayne Forrest shared his incredible and remarkable story of how he turned disability into new abilities and in this episode, he’s going to help you discover your abilities or your hidden abilities and help you thrive and live the life that you want to live.

So welcome, Wayne, how are you today?

Wayne Forrest 1:00
I’m great. Thanks for my beautiful day here, but’s muggy, but it’s lovely. Lovely outside.

Anthony Hartcher 1:07
Awesome here similar in Sydney, so you’re in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Wayne Forrest 1:12
Yep. and, yeah, it’s, it’s a beauty of peace of the country.

Anthony Hartcher 1:18
Yeah, so in the previous episode, episode number 70. You shared your story and it was an incredible story, in terms of what you’ve, you’ve been on in terms of your life journey, and how you’ve discovered these new hidden abilities within you through this incident, and today, I’d love for you to share your area of expertise of how you help others, find those hidden abilities within them and help them live the life they would love to live and so yeah,

Wayne, I’m really keen to explore this topic of creating that vision and, and how people can do that for themselves and really start that journey themselves in terms of living the life that love.

Wayne Forrest 2:09
Sweet and first, first of all, Anthony, we started looking at the areas of life that matter to all of us and we all have four areas and each area has or, each one of us has resulted in those areas and our awareness of our results are a perfect reflection of the results we’re getting and those areas and I can maybe go through a bit of an exercise if you want to.

Anthony Hartcher 2:49
That’d be great. Because ultimately, I’ll want some practical tips for the listeners. It’s all about empowering them and enlightening their well-being. So I’d really love you to share that Wayne.

Wayne Forrest 2:59
So these four areas are made up of health and well-being relationships and vocation, and vocation can be also their personal expression that they want to give to the world, as well as their job or career and then of course time and money freedom.

And so the exercise that we quite often do with clients is to then ask them to look at those areas and give themselves a score. So if we took the health and well being, then we would say out of ten, whereas their score of the fullness of life, you know, is that area a 10 where they’ve got so much vitality and they jumping out of bed and full of energy and can’t wait to start the day or is that somewhere in between that and death to have a joke, you know? Or the next one you know, is then relationships?

Is that relationship full? Is that you know is there full of good, healthy conversations and people feeling uplifted? Or is there a bit of bad blood though or fights going on? Then you know, where are those people in your life those relationships and you can give that mark out of 10 being fantastic and one not so and same with then our vocation or their personal expression.

You know, do love going to your job and in your office or you’re your business and you can’t wait to get there and get started and new passionate about it, that would be a ten and not so would be that one, and somewhere in between is where we find most people, and then, of course, that time and money freedom, that’s your holidays, that’s the money to give to the people you want to give.

It’s that freedom that we all desire in our lives, and you know, if you can go on holiday when you want or do what you would love to do, at any stage, then you’d be a ten, and if you find it difficult to have time off, and you can’t get away, you don’t have the money to do things that you would love, then you know, you’re going to be down the scale.

So we can do that throughout all four areas, and what I do then with the clients is say, pick the one that is the lowest number and ask yourself, what would that area be like, if you had a magic wand right now? And it became a Ten?

What would it look like? What would you be doing? How would it feel if you could just turn that into a ten just like Bang, like that and see, I know that that’s possible, I’ve seen it.

So then that once we’ve got that step out of the way, then you’ve got an idea of what you would love it and one area of life, and then you can expand on the other areas as well and you can start to make a vision of something that you would desire in your life and, and then we can create that very powerful, a calibrated vision that will help pull you to that beautiful life.

Anthony Hartcher 7:18
Oh, that’s incredible, like, so it’s really understanding that holistic picture of where, you know, they’re scoring their life in their health and wellness, relationships, vocation and, and essentially understanding where they’re currently at and then looking at where they’re not doing well and then looking at what they would like that to be and imagining how that would look and feel and for it to score a whole lot higher.

And, and essentially, then you help them turn that low score into that dream of theirs and help really lift that area of their life and, you know, feel in our current circumstances, you can imagine that for some people, relationships might not be great at the moment given you know, we’ve heard these periods of lockdown and disconnection social disconnection and lack of touch and feel, so to speak and, you know, we’re human beings, we need that feeling of feeling connected and belonging.

So I can imagine some people are really struggling in that relationship area, or the other one could be their health and well-being has been compromised because they can’t get out of the house like they usually do, and they can’t travel around and all their money.

You mentioned another area is around that money side of things, you know, they might be affected because their work is not, you know, not doing so well. They could be in tourism or hospitality, and essentially, you’re helping them see that light at the end of the tunnel and then allowing them to see how they would like it to look and then essentially helping them join the dots to get to that point.

Am I right in saying that?

Wayne Forrest 9:02
Very much so and there’s a couple of bits to that as well. One is that we have to understand that everything is vibration, metaphysics now shows us that everything is vibrating around us, right?

So we are vibrating. Even the table is vibrating. The cat and dog are vibrating, the trees are vibrating, the grass is vibrating, everything is vibrating, and the thing that’s different is the vibration frequency. Right? So the difference between me vibrating and the table vibrating is that the table is vibrating in a way that it’s making it solid. Same with concrete. It’s vibrating as well, but It’s vibrating in a way that is making it feel touch to the senses. Very, very solid, and some things avoid vibrating that isn’t so solid.

You know, if you really think about our body it is been proven that we are 99.999% space and science and quantum physics. How the hell do we stay together? There’s intelligence in there Anthony. So, I know this is a bit strange in a way from where I was going with the vision but hang in there, because it’ll come back to it.

Right? There’s intelligence in our environment and I love Dr. Joe Dispenza. He calls that space has intelligence, right? Some people call it God, some people call it the universe, you can call it whatever you like but there’s something that is breathing in us, that is helping us all stay together as a person as a form.

When we’re 99.9999% space, it’s, it’s helping that desk be solid, or that concrete be solid? Good. It’s 99% 99.999% space, right? So understanding this intelligence and so everything’s vibrating and so is your dream, what you would love in that area. Alright, and so what, why then do was to help those clients bring their dream into the now turn that dream into form?

Is I ask them to come from the dream vibrator. So like, if you’re wanting to create a strong vision around relationship, as I heard you say, and there are times, then you want to come from being in that relationship, even though the circumstances don’t? Or the facts don’t add up? Because the good thing about facts is yes, there might be the way it looks right now, but they’re changeable.

So to give it the best option, or best ability to change, we come from the relationship that you want or would love and you be it now, you show up as that partner now, you do those things, if you had the perfect relationship, how would you show up?

Anthony Hartcher 13:03
So Wayne, how can they calibrate that vision and make it their own?

Wayne Forrest 13:08
It’s a beautiful question, Anthony and it’s so important to do this as well because it’s, there’s so much power and then and, and this is really the law of attraction and a lot of people know, the book The Secret, right? And, and the movie came out and it missed a valuable piece, and that was learning to come from it and vibrate it, right.

So when they want to create a strong calibrated vision, they want to be that person and as I said before, feel it actually feel happening now. You know, because we can create pitches in our mind and those pitches evoke the feeling of it happening and quite often those pitches are there because it’s happened in some form before.

So if you can see it, and feel it, then it’s gonna happen. Alright, so the thing is, though, as soon as we try to get it, we fall out of the vibration. That is the dream and we’re back into our circumstances and situations because we’re coming from that place of, of trying to get it or wanting it or you know, in the or whatever.

Right and anything that is that constriction or constructive feeling makes us fall I have the vision. So it is really important and we often, or I make, or help my clients create a vision statement, and often that is, I am so happy and grateful because you are, right, if that vision happened, you’d be bloody over the moon, right? You’d be over grateful, you’d be the spilling out of you, right? Because it’s your dream, and it’s something that you would absolutely love.

So, I am so happy and grateful now that I am. This, there’s the other part I am, it’s really powerful. It means that spiritual side, that infinite self, that big self, that self that’s connected to that power, as I am, is the sacred name of each one of us and so when we say that, I am so happy and grateful now that I am living the dream with my beautiful partner, and we are walking down the beach hand in hand or, or whatever that is for that person, right? And putting themselves in it.

That creates a vibration that is joyous as love and that vibration has no other way, but to create the form of the dream and not, as soon as we’ve, like I said fall out of their lack, then recreating that lack in our life. So that’s why it’s so powerful to have a calibrated dream and come from that.

Anthony Hartcher 16:59
And to actually, as you said, You’ve got to see yourself in it and yeah, you’re the one, you’re the one living it, and then it you’ll be attracted into what you want or you will attract what you want to you. Is that right?

Wayne Forrest 17:18
And, and it’s because of quantum physics, as actually how manifested manifestation works. It’s no other way to look at it from a different perspective, is just to even look around you right now. In your office in my office, there’s a lot of stuff, right? I got a phone over here, and I’ve got a keyboard laptop and a monitor and then I’ve got a window and you know, there’s stuff everywhere, right?

We all have stuff in our life. If you look at each item, each item has been created twice and I know you’re thinking what, how? unless you’ve heard this before, each item was thought each item started as a thought. Even our houses, our communities, our towns, our little lifestyles, or farms. Right? Everything started as a thought and then someone’s acted on that thought, and after a while, they’ve turned it into form, and to that computer, or their phone, this has been developed over time, but that that’s just creating more on that original thought, you know, a pin started with with a quill of a feather, you know, and it’s evolved, but it was initially just one idea that was growing, and same with the Wright brothers. You know, the bulb, Edison created the bulb, Wright Brothers created flight, it was all a thoughts and, and by acting on their thought it created something right?

Well, you’re going to create something no matter what, if you come in from a place of constriction or lack of, or lack of relationship, let’s say, then you’re going to be creating that. So why not come from a vision, a dream, and create a life that you love by design instead of by default?

Anthony Hartcher 19:56
And this is what you help your clients do, right? It’s Your vacation?

Wayne Forrest 20:02
Yeah, absolutely nothing beats it to be able to and you can probably tell my voice, I get quite passionate about it because I just love to show people that they are capable. It doesn’t matter who you are of creating anything, you just have to believe you can.

Anthony Hartcher 20:28
That’s fantastic. I love the work you do and you’re running some workshops, I think soon, I believe that you were going to be helping clients and participants really deliver on the dream life, they’d want to, they want to live.

Wayne Forrest 20:42
Yeah, I’ve got a free three-day challenge on Facebook that I’m doing. Challenges are all the rave at the moment, but I’m going to help people turn a disability into a life of possibility.

So if that resonates with you, and no, disability doesn’t have to be the physical disability that I have. We all have challenges and I think that can be your disability. So if that resonates with you, I’ve got a free link to the Facebook page and I’ll give that to Anthony. So you can put it up? And yeah, join and it’s on the 17th to the 19th of October.

Anthony Hartcher 21:32
Awesome, I’ll grab that link off you Wayne and I’ll yeah, I’ll put it in the show notes so people can go directly to enroll in that. Free events. That sounds awesome. So yeah, you’re so generous with your time and helping others. It’s really amazing and I really thank you again for coming on the podcast and sharing your wisdom. With me and my health up listeners. It’s been a delight and we’ll have to do another one together. I really love chatting with you.

So thanks again, when you got any concluding comments you’d like to share or part on the listeners?

Wayne Forrest 22:07
Yeah, and it’s one that I often say Be curious and ask different questions and see what happens.

Anthony Hartcher 22:19
Love it. Love it. Yes. That curiosity and obviously asking, asking, you know, changing the question and you’ll get a different response. It’s like, you know, the way in which you get that the answer you want is the way you phrase the question.

So I really love that saying so. Yeah, to the me&my health up listeners. Thanks again for tuning in and stay tuned for more insightful episodes and thereby health up.

Thank you, Wayne.

Wayne Forrest 22:50
Thank you Anthony for having me. It’s been a pleasure and I can’t wait until the next

Anthony Hartcher 22:54
Love it. Can’t wait to take care. Bye.

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