You & Your Wellness with Anthony Hartcher

When it comes to holistic wellness, do you think community and social connections play a role in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle?

Meet Anthony, a dynamic and passionate speaker who dives into the realms of health and wellbeing with infectious enthusiasm. His talks cover a spectrum of topics, from the intricacies of mental health to the nuances of nutrition, and everything in between.

Anthony’s zest for these subjects traces back to his childhood, where he devoured health magazines and books, fueled by a fascination with sports. His commitment to growth is evident in his academic journey, boasting not one, but three bachelor’s degrees in nutrition, complementary medicine, and chemical engineering, all adorned with distinctions and honors.

Impressively, Anthony’s expertise has caught the attention of corporate giants like JP Morgan, Unisys, Honeywell, Maersk, WiseTech Global, FMC Corporation, and Timken, who have all benefited from his compelling insights. His favorite speaking topics include Mindset, Stress Management, Mental Health, Men’s and Women’s Health, and Holistic Health and Nutrition.

Beyond the accolades, Anthony’s commitment to mental health advocacy is deeply personal. The journey began at eighteen, spurred by the loss of a friend to suicide. In response, he dedicated himself to community mental health initiatives, volunteering for The Banksia Project and serving as a Growth Room facilitator.

For the past six years, Anthony has been a steadfast presence in mental health education, presenting sessions and hosting the podcast “me&my health up.” His sincerity and dedication shine through in every word, drawing from personal experiences to bring a human touch to the often challenging topic of mental health.

While Anthony is undoubtedly accomplished in his professional and academic pursuits, he cherishes his role as a father and husband. Weekends find him immersed in family adventures, whether it’s a beach outing or camping in a national park, relishing the joys of parenthood alongside his wife Adriana, and their two children, Sofia and Ollie. In Anthony’s world, the balance between professional excellence and personal fulfillment is not just a goal but a lived reality.