Are you aware of the common myths surrounding cholesterol? 

Are you aware of the lifestyle and dietary changes that can help you manage cholesterol levels more effectively?


In this episode of me&my health up podcast, clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist, Anthony Hartcher, unravels the complex world of cholesterol. He delves into its essential roles in our body, misconceptions about dietary cholesterol, the dangers of high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, and most importantly, practical ways to manage it.

By addressing risk factors and endorsing healthier lifestyle choices, Anthony illuminates the path to a balanced life and improved heart health. Don’t miss out on this in-depth exploration of cholesterol – knowledge that could be a game-changer for your wellbeing. Listen now to arm yourself with the right tools for a healthier future.


About me&my health up & Anthony Hartcher:

me&my health up seeks to enhance and enlighten the well-being of others. Host Anthony Hartcher is the CEO of me&my wellness which provides holistic health solutions using food as medicine, combined with a holistic, balanced, lifestyle approach. Anthony holds three bachelor’s degrees in Complementary Medicine; Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine; and Chemical Engineering.

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