The Power of Food Nutrition

Are you tired of generic health advice that doesn’t work for your unique needs?

In this episode of me&my health up, host Anthony Hartcher explores the transformative power of food nutrition and how a personalized approach can lead to optimal health and wellness. Learn how to critically evaluate health advice and debunk common misconceptions around fat and carbohydrates. Discover the “Goldilocks principle” and tailor your health journey to your individual needs. Tune in now to unlock the secrets of the power of food nutrition and revolutionize your health.

About me&my & Anthony Hartcher :

me&my seeks to enhance and enlighten the well-being of others. Presenter Anthony Hartcher is the CEO of me&my wellness which provides holistic health solutions using food as medicine, combined with a holistic, balanced, lifestyle approach. Anthony holds three bachelor’s degrees in Complementary Medicine; Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine; and Chemical Engineering.

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