Are you struggling to maintain focus in your daily tasks?

Wondering if your distraction might be Adult ADHD?

Anthony shares a comprehensive overview of ADHD, discussing its symptoms, the role of the brain, and the pros and cons of prescription medications. He also offers valuable alternatives to medication, focusing on engaging in meaningful activities that naturally boost dopamine levels.

Tune in to discover practical strategies for living a fulfilling life with ADHD, including how to rewire your brain to find meaning in everyday tasks and the importance of avoiding people-pleasing. This episode is packed with actionable advice to help you manage ADHD symptoms and live a purposeful life.

Don’t miss out on Anthony’s expert insights and holistic health coaching tips that can guide
you towards better mental wellness.

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About me&my health up & Anthony Hartcher:

me&my health up seeks to enhance and enlighten the well-being of others. Host Anthony Hartcher is the CEO of me&my wellness which provides holistic health solutions using food as medicine, combined with a holistic, balanced, lifestyle approach. Anthony holds three bachelor’s degrees in Complementary Medicine; Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine; and Chemical Engineering.

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