The Foundation to Nutritional Health with Nina Kingsford-Smith

Do you find yourself hyper focusing on what to eat? Do you often get anxious about the calories in food, eating a “bad” snack or meal, or anxious about eating in general? You are not alone, in fact about 65% of women between the ages of 25 and 45 have disordered eating behaviors. In this Q&A video featuring Nutritionist, Nina Kingsford-Smith, we address disordered eating and how you can improve your relationship with food. Nina is a specialist in disordered eating and the mindset around food. This video includes many wonderful insights into how important a good mindset is with food, and tips on how to change a poor mindset that can impact your nutrition and mental health.

Interview Question’s and the respective time lapse:

  • Who is Nina and what does she focus on in her practice? 00:10
  • Why is it important to focus on the relationship with food rather than actual nutrition? 1:24
  • What’s one of the major struggles for someone with a bad relationship with food? 1:52
  • What is the “bow and arrow” analogy? 3:42
  • What are common sayings that are harmful? 4:32
  • How does Nina suggest breaking that binge-restricting (bow and arrow) cycle? 5:56
  • What are harmful sayings but specifically concerning food this time? 8:21
  • What does Nina suggest one do when they come across a blog or a post that has detrimental food information? 9:51
  • What are some common challenges on changing a poor mindset with food? How does someone overcome those challenges? 11:40
  • How do you find that balance between nonrestrictive eating and having some sort of guidance with nutrition? 16:40
  • What does Nina suggest when social media has heavily impacted your mindset and view? 19:56
  • What is an explanation of the relationship between mental health and nutrition? 22:46
  • What are some final remarks made by Nina? 24:52

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About Nina Kingsford-Smith:

Nina is a non-diet nutritionist (BHSc NutDMed). Nina’s passion lies in helping her client’s form a truly happy and healthy relationship with food. She is a firm believer that it’s not simply what you eat, but your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food that matter. After all, food is deeply about the mental and emotional. Nina states we aren’t machines and we don’t function separately from our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We are deeply complex and unique beings, and our relationships with food are deeply complex and unique too. These relationships are just as important, or even more important, than the food we eat.

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Interview conducted by Gabriele Spokas

Video editing by Ivan Saldana