Ever wondered how your food choices affect mood?

Dive into this enlightening episode of “me&my health up” as we unravel the intricate connection between what you eat and how you feel.


Discover the science behind the mood-food relationship and learn how simple dietary changes can drastically influence your emotional well-being. From the sugar highs and lows to the calming effects of certain proteins, we break down everything you need to know.

Don’t miss out on these essential insights that could transform your daily life. Remember, every bite counts!


About me&my health up & Anthony Hartcher:

me&my health up seeks to enhance and enlighten the well-being of others. Host Anthony Hartcher is the CEO of me&my wellness which provides holistic health solutions using food as medicine, combined with a holistic, balanced, lifestyle approach. Anthony holds three bachelor’s degrees in Complementary Medicine; Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine; and Chemical Engineering.


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