As we age our muscle mass declines increasing the risk of falls. This webinar will educate you on the right foods and exercise to help you!

Key learning outcomes:

– falling/risk of falls is the most common reason for a person to lose their independence
– falls risk is equally impacted by bone mineral density, balance and muscular power
– all 3 of these risk factors are modifiable through correct exercise prescription
– nutrition to support muscle and bone maintenance

Co-Presented to you by Longevity Exercise Physiology & me&my wellness

About the presenters:

Mitchell Hooper — an accredited Exercise Physiologist and professional strongman from Canada, passionate about helping people to extend their independence and live healthy into their 60’s, 70’s 80’s and onwards. Mitchell works in Edgecliff in NSW, Australia.

Shannon Tevardy Coolican – an accredited Exercise Physiologist aiming to improve the functionality, mobility and strength of the ageing population in Australia. Shannon works in Edgecliff in NSW, Australia.

Anthony Hartcher – an accredited Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in mental health, children’s health and body transformation. Anthony is a firm believer in treating the whole person, ensuring all aspects of wellbeing are addressed and supported.