Does your SCAR cause you PAIN?

Is your SCAR causing you PAIN? 🙋‍♀️

If you answered yes, then this 🎙episode of me&my health up is for you! Andie Holman – the Scar Queen 👸shares her wisdom and experience with scars and wound healing. Andie will enlighten you on what you can do to heal the pain and share tips on how you can love your scar.🥰

Andie Holman’s story

Throughout childhood and my teens, I had itchy, weepy, skin that felt like it was on fire.

I had eczema on my eyelids and mouth, which were chronically cracked, bleeding, and gooey. Yuck.

It got to the point that steroid creams and pills weren’t working. My doctor told me I was on my own. I was 15.

That was almost forty years ago.

So, I set off experimenting with different plants, teas, lotions, supplements, diet changes, you name it, I tried it.

Around the same time, I also had major surgery. I was left with painful scars that no one would touch. After my massage training in 1994, I worked solo on myself, figuring out what helped and how to do it.

Both of those experiences, the eczema and the scarring, led to my specialties. I can look back now and say the suffering was worth it, as it gave me the tools and drive to turn it around and help others.

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This is a recording of a podcast that took place on 19 August 2022.
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