Have you ever faced a challenging situation in your life that prompted you to seek inner peace and harmony? 

How did you approach your journey toward self-growth?

Discover Inner Peace: Your Personal Guide to The Quest For Harmony and Self-Growth

In this thought-provoking episode of the me&my health up podcast, Anthony Hartcher interviews Udo Erasmus, a man who turned his life as a refugee into a quest for harmony and self-growth. Udo shares his personal journey, the essence of the Masters’ teachings, and how deliberate stillness can lead us to reconnect with ourselves and others.



About Udo Erasmus

* Udo is the founder of Udo’s Choice Supplement company, a global leader in cutting-edge health products.

* In 1992, He developed healthy whole foods supplements for dogs, cats, and horses.

* In 1994, He developed an oil blend that is better balanced and more effective than flax oil.

* Udo had the pleasure and honour to grace the stages with luminaries like Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, keynoted international conferences, and lectured at conferences on five continents.

* For 15 years, He spent six to nine months a year living out of a suitcase to spread the message of good oils and health.


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