Have you ever considered getting breast implants?  

 Are you aware of the potential risks and side effects associated with breast implants?   

 In this episode of me&my health up, host Anthony Hartcher interviews Kathy Ozakovic, who underwent breast augmentation at the age of 21 due to her struggles with body image and an eating disorder.  

 Kathy shares her experience with getting breast implants, including the types of implants available, the decision-making process, and her eventual decision to undergo explant surgery due to breast implant illness. She discusses the dangers of breast implants, including the body’s natural immune response to foreign objects, the risks of scar tissue, and the potential for micro-leakages of silicone to cause breast implant illness. If you or someone you know is considering breast implants, this episode is a must-watch. 


About Kathy Ozakovic 

 Kathy is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Founder of NuFit Wellness. Her speciality is in Holistic Gut Health.  Kathy stepped away from working in hospitals to focus on guiding clients in proactive health and disease prevention. Through research, Kathy found her passion for gut health and focused on understanding the relationship between the human gut microbiome and wellbeing. 

 With personal and professional experience supporting individuals with Metabolic disease, Gut Health Issues, Performance Nutrition and Eating Disorders, Kathy has noticed that focusing on gut health helps these individuals improve physically and mentally. 


Connect with Kathy Ozakovic:  

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