Can a plant-based diet significantly reduce your risk of cancer?

What if the secret to beating cancer lies in your daily habits?

In this enlightening interview on the me&my health up podcast, host Anthony Hartcher sits down with Dr. Dominic Brandy, a renowned expert in the field of holistic health and cancer management. Dr. Brandy, a cancer survivor himself, shares invaluable insights and natural strategies to not only fight cancer but thrive beyond it

About Dr. Dominic Brandy:

➡️Expertise: Founder of Natural Insights Into Cancer, with 42 years in medicine, focusing on plastic surgery, medspa, and anti-aging.
➡️Authorship & Speaking: Authored 76 scientific articles, 9 textbook chapters, and delivered over 200 international medical lectures.
➡️Cancer Journey: Diagnosed with multiple myeloma, his personal battle shapes his health and wellness approach.
➡️Background: Lifelong study in diet, exercise, and supplements, with a deep passion for health and nutrition since age 10.
➡️Natural Insights into Cancer: Shares research on natural cancer combat methods through his website, and social media platforms.
➡️Book Author: Wrote Beat Back Cancer Naturally, featuring 5 natural, plant-based strategies for cancer prevention and management.
➡️Online Consultations: Offers virtual consultations and 24/7 cancer coaching.

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About me&my health up & Anthony Hartcher:

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