Going Back to Work after Holidays: Overcoming the Back to Work Blues

The back-to-work blues can be a common feeling for many people after a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. The transition from a carefree vacation back to the daily grind can often bring feelings of dread and negativity. But with a shift in our mindset, it is possible to overcome the back-to-work blues and find joy in both holidays and work.

The Three Things We Can Control:

When it comes to our daily lives, it can often feel like there are so many things that are out of our control. However, there are actually three things that we can control – our perceptions, decisions, and actions. We can shift our mindset by taking control of these three elements. Improve our well-being by shifting from a place of negativity to one of balance or positivity to balance.

Our perceptions shape the way we see the world around us. By choosing to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, we become blinded to the downside and therefore make emotionally based decisions that lack objectivity. This, in turn, affects our decisions and actions. Instead of dreading going back to work after the holidays, we can focus on the opportunities and challenges that work presents, which will balance our perspective and neutralise the emotion of feeling upset about returning to work.

This balanced perception will lead to us making objective decisions that better align with our goals. And with that, taking actions that bring us closer to a more fulfilling and inspiring life. So, in short, by embracing the power of our perceptions, decisions, and actions, we can live a more fulfilling life.

Negative Perception of Going Back to Work:

It’s natural to feel a bit down after a relaxing holiday, but for many people, the transition back to work can be particularly tough. This is because we tend to focus on the negative aspects of work, such as the early mornings, the long commute, and the monotonous day-to-day tasks. But it’s important to remember that holidays also come with their own challenges. These challenges include flight delays, inclement weather, and unexpected expenses.

The problem with focusing on the negatives is that it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we expect to feel stressed and unhappy when we go back to work, then that’s exactly what will happen. But by shifting our perspective and looking for the positive aspects of work, we can balance our perceptions and embrace all aspects of life – work and play. You may have a supportive boss, interesting projects, or a great team. Your work may also give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction.
You can reduce the impact of the “back to work blues” if you focus on balancing your perceptions. You can also feel more fulfilled and satisfied in both your work and your leisure time.

Balancing Both Sides of Life:

Going back to work after holidays can bring about a range of emotions, from excitement to dread. This is because we often focus on the negatives of work and the positives of holidays. The amygdala, the survival center in our brain, triggers one-sided thinking. It hinders our ability to recognize the downsides of holidays and the benefits of work. But, by embracing both sides of life and focusing on the positives, we can shift our mindset and change our perception of work.

It is important to remember that both work and holidays come with their own set of challenges. Delays, bad weather, and missed flights can disrupt your holidays and work. This disruption causes a hectic morning routine, a long commute, and tedious daily tasks. Focusing on the negatives of work and the positives of holidays will only lead to feelings of negativity and dread. By embracing both sides of life, we can be grateful for what we have and appreciate the whole person, including ourselves. This will help us find gratitude and inspiration in both work and holidays and help us embrace both sides of life and live fulfilling days every day.

Final Words

Going back to work after the holidays can be a challenging time, but it doesn’t have to be. By embracing both the positive and negative aspects of our daily lives you can shift your mindset. And you can learn to appreciate both work and holidays. By taking control of our perceptions, decisions, and actions, we can choose to live a more fulfilling life.

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