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me&my health up podcast episode #10 – Transcript

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Welcome to another amazing episode of health up with your host Anthony Hartcher. Alsop seeks to enhance and enlighten the well being of others. And today in this brief episode, we’re going to be talking about immune tips and hacks on how to optimise your immune system in light of what’s going on around it.

So to start with number one is obviously following the government and the World Health Organization’s protocols around physical distancing, and sanitising, and keeping that safe space.

The second is around what we can do, if we happen to inadvertently come into contact with a virus. So this is about how our immune system can be at its optimum to fend off any virus that penetrates our I guess, first layer of protection.

And so this is all around making sure our immune systems are optimal by regulating stress. When stress is high, our immune systems are compromised. So we want to be in control of our stress. And that can be difficult, particularly in light of what’s going on. So I suggest Point number two is around social connection. So being in close contact with others, the supportive of us, and touching base with them regularly and complying with physical distancing. But we can obviously still socialise but that being within that physical parameters.

My third tip is around fruit and vegetables. And the reason why is fruit and vegetables contain the minerals and vitamins we need to run an effective and optimal immune system. And when I say fruit and vegetables, it is eating a variety of what’s in season, local, and then it’s full of vitality, if it’s local, seasonal, it’s got optimal vitality, and chase variety. So when I say variety looked for colours, make sure you’re getting a good variety of colours and that’s going to contain many phytochemicals that are all positive for our immune function.

My fourth tip is around exercise. So yes, it’s important we keep moving. And we do this in obviously, a way that is safe and you know, fits within the requirements of your local area. However, it is important to move our bodies. And we don’t want to do this intense exercise all the time, we just want to do some form of movement light to moderate, so I suggest walking at a brisk pace. Yoga, Pilates an yes, you can do a high intensity training session, but keep them short. And don’t do them frequently, one a week is plenty and good variety with exercises is important. So stretching and incorporating stretching.

And my fourth tip is around leave. So it’s important that we maintain effective good night’s sleep. And we get this through being consistent with our habits of being very consistent with our time from bedtime to rise. We do our activities during the day such as the exercise I mentioned, we regulate our stress during the day and we don’t consume too many stimulants during the day so that our body can get a restful night’s sleep.

And my fourth, sorry, My fifth tip now is to obviously apply this across the board, you know, do something in each area. So that’s managing your stress that’s staying connected. So management of stress can, you know, include staying connected and can include sleep, can include diet and include exercise, you know, making sure you’re getting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, exercising light to moderate and focusing on a good night’s sleep and getting adequate rest.

So that’s my top tips for optimising the immune system. If you’ve got any questions or queries, please put them in the comment boxes as to where this is posted. And if you want some more in depth tips, please let me know and I’m happy to cover that.

So that’s it for this episode of Health Up. Take care stay well and be safe. Bye for now.

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