How to Retrain your Brain with the Brain Trainer Divya Darling!

me&my health up podcast episode #47 – Transcript

Anthony Hartcher 0:01
Hi, my friends welcome to another exciting episode of Me&My health up with your host Anthony Hartcher. A healthy man according to his children, or my kids, aka, also known as the clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist.

This podcast is to enhance and enlighten the well being of you and today we’ll be chatting with the brain trainer, Dr. Darling, on how to retrain your brain. So what is brain training, brain training can be a life altering for you. If you frequently find yourself frustrated, sad, scared, stressed, or stuck in a rut. So you know, COVID could have put you in the rut, or it could have made you more stressed, and so we’re going to be helping you through this with the expert Divya.

Regardless of whether you’re feeling this way or having these feelings, if you don’t feel like you’re achieving what you really want to achieve around success, well, this can also help with that too. Or if you’re not enjoying life as it is today, brain training can also help with that as well. If you’re feeling mild, mildly discontented, or in the way, life is turning out, you know, you don’t like the way in which to progress through COVID. If you don’t know what to do about all of this, then this episode is certainly for you.

Our guests, Divya darling has researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade attaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences, and being an avid yogurt, say yoga yogi. So as you know, I’m full of faults but yeah, never perfect, but I give it my best and she’s also a philosopher. She’s not yoga. She’s a yogi. So she is the founder and owner of intrinsic brilliance Institute, which combines psychology, neuroscience, and personal development.

Welcome, Divya. How are you today?

Dr. Divya Darling 2:16
I’m really well, Anthony. Thank you for that beautiful introduction, which made me giggle. introduced to the younger before I add that to my list of credentials. First and I realized as you’re saying over a decade, it’s been almost two decades I was reflecting with one of my besties from uni. It’s been almost two decades now. We’re like, Where’d the time go? Yeah. So

Anthony Hartcher 2:49
it’s, it’s incredible and I just, you know, I connected with you probably, probably half a decade ago, we just met you and really became enthralled about the area that you were specializing in and you did that fantastic session with me and I really got first-hand experience of your work and I really want the viewers will, first of all, to hear a little bit more about your story because I love sharing.

I love you sharing your story because I think it’s a great way for the listeners to connect with you and then we’ll get into your secret sauce that has so let’s Let’s chat a little bit about your story of how you arrived after two decades to what you are doing today as a brain trainer.

Dr. Divya Darling 3:31
Yeah, absolutely. Did we do a session that I totally forgot? Okay, that’s beautiful. You have to remind me um, yeah, so often people think that I found my way to brain training because I did study neuroscience psychology cognitive sciences at uni. I am degree qualified in these things and neurons tattooed on my wrist. That’s how much of a neuro nerd I am.

So so it would be fitting that I would pursue brain training, but that actually isn’t like the path that I took was from uni after uni, I got recruited to do something based on my experience rather than my education and my experience at that time was community organizing and community events have always been a, I love bringing people together. I’ve always loved bringing people together.

And so I ran my student union in uni and then was recruited to that after uni and had this full career and events at in the events industry, and it wasn’t until I was really kind of burnt out and at the brink of breakdown from that, that I I found myself transformed through the experience of having brain training.

My first brain trainer, the how radically my life transformed after working with her for a year, it just blew my mind and it was, it was that experience that led me to say, every person on the planet needs to know about this, every person on the planet needs to experience this and access this and be aware that if, if we’re, if any, if there’s any friction in the system, it’s a user dysfunction or not operating your well, and we can learn to fix that. So yeah

Anthony Hartcher 5:44
Awesome. So you’re really keen to better understand how brain training works and how you work with your clients.

Dr. Divya Darling 5:52
Yeah, so most people think when they think of the brain they think only of the head brain, the which we live in a head brain dominant society. So it makes sense that most people think of the brain just being the symbolic brain, you know, logic, rational analysis, that’s it, but the truth is, a brain is defined as a complex adaptive neural network and based on that we have three brains, the head, the heart, and the gut, all bonafide brains.

And they, they differ in, in the amount of neurons that they have, and their function. So one of the things that I do as a brain trainer is, make sure that all three brains are fully active, switched on, and firing in alignment with one another, and that’s that, in of itself is really powerful.

That is why the entrepreneurs that I work with, are able to skyrocket their, their results and, and see such tremendous gains in their income and impact, because they’re actually just accessing more of their intelligence, really.

Anthony Hartcher 7:10
It’s incredible that you share that because I can certainly vouch for that person that was stuck in my head brain and if it wasn’t, for me, listening to my heart, brain, and probably an element of my gut brain, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.

Uh because my head Brian was, you know, there’s, there’s a great career in chemical engineering, you know, it’s recognized, you know, it’s got that ego status, or it’s, like, recognizable career and whereas, you know, as a nutritionist, at the time, when I studied, you know, this is we’re talking over 20 years ago, it wasn’t a sort of recognized career, and it didn’t have the status and so that’s all head brain ego, and whereas my heart was always with fitness, healthy, you know, looking after myself, and I finally connected to it 20 years later, so I should have, I hadn’t run into you 20 years ago, but maybe you hadn’t discovered this, but these

Dr. Divya Darling 8:13
All things in their in unfolding in their right timing to an end, it’s because it’s part of the journey or discoveries is recognizing how, oh man, when we have that when we have those data points of what it was like to just be operating with one brain and now to experience Oh, I actually can tap into my heart brain and lead through that and be informed by the gut and the head and have that that feeling of wisdom, accessing, you know.

Wisdom in the decision making that happens, then it’s life changing, you know, it we really, yeah, this so, so, so many examples of people putting themselves in a tailspin because they’re asking the head questions that only the heart knows, or only the gut knows, because these brains look after different bits of intelligence, different aspects, you know, the the heart looks after our values and what we love and what we’re passionate about, all of that will come from the heart It can’t come from the head.

And so to me, when I use the word success I’m a success mindset coach as well. Success is your metric of fulfillment, your definition of what is it that you really want in life, and, you know, most people if you sit with them, and it really always comes down to the same same same core things, the same core things we want to feel safe, you know, have that security and feel stable and steady that safety.

We want to feel special to kind of feel that we’ve got some uniqueness in the world and that contribution that we’re making to the world and we want to feel supported by other communities around us feel like we’re part of a tribe and so it’s we’re part of a group, and we’re unique in the group, and that we have that kind of stability and sovereignty and safety in ourselves. That’s, that’s the same core three things all of us, all of us really want.

Anthony Hartcher 10:23
I really like this specialty that you’ve connected the three because, as a practitioner, I often hear well, certainly, you know, psychology, it’s, you know, it’s all about the head. You know, when you talk to an endocrinologist, it’s all about, you know, the endocrine system.

You know, when you talk to a nutritionist or a naturopath, it’s all about gut health and, you know, our guts, our second brain and is often you know, it’s referred to our second brain because you know, the enteric nervous system.

And then like, according to Haas has met, half has met, I think it’s half man or Institute, Heart Math, Heart Math Institute, right and they monitor from the Heart Math. Yeah, so and their works. It’s all about the heart, but what I love, what you do is how you integrate all three, because, you know, and I often talk about, you know, this holistic approach to health, and you really embrace this holistic approach in terms of connecting these three brains.

So I’m really excited to ask the next question and it’s you letting the listeners know or informing the listeners about one of these examples that you just alluded to saying, there’s so many examples, I’m really keen for you to come up with one of your most recent case studies where someone was too much in their heart space or not enough in their headspace, or in a way you had to do this alignment, and just, you know, give us you know, what it was, if you can’t, you know, obviously, don’t need to share any confidential information, but just how you work that clients through that whole process of aligning all three, I really keen to find out how you do this.

Dr. Divya Darling 12:12
Well, so how I, I don’t tend to do one off sessions with people, I tend to, like, I’ll, I’ll give anyone the experience of over one off sessions, so they can know what that alignment feels like they can calibrate to that they can feel that feeling of this is how it feels where there’s no friction in my system, where everything’s onboard, every cell in my body is vibrating in the same direction where there’s a taste of that.

Now that that is, that is a simple like, I’m, I’m highly trained and highly effective at what I do, I can do that with anyone, usually in 20 minutes or less, I can access that with someone, regardless of what their background is, where they’re coming from, it’s sustaining it. That’s the challenge for people ongoingly, and watching them learn how to sustain it themselves is the most enriching part of the work that I do.

So when I work with people, I work with entrepreneurs, usually on a year program. So throughout the course of the year, I’ll give you a case study and example of Joyce on who owns a company called New Heights media and when we started working together, a lot of her focus was on you know, what’s profitable for the business? What makes sense in terms of it was very, very head brain operating, and, and so my invitation to her was to kind of get the other brains online to get the gut firing in the heart firing, follow the inner Yes.

Does this like you? Even if it doesn’t, you don’t understand how it’ll make financial sense. Just trust the inner Yes, follow the inner Yes. And she in one of the testimonial videos she did, she was like, I had my first 50k fourth night and I didn’t think that that would be possible for me and it feels like I’m on vacation all the time because I’m just doing the things that I love.

And, and so it’s hard for the intellectual mind to comprehend how this is possible and yet it is possible, and I have many, many, many examples of the people that I’ve worked with how their life just becomes easy and seamless. There’s just a quality of flow and ease and grace that arrives when all systems are in sync.

Right? That’s all it is. You get the system in sync flow is what arises naturally, and, and it’s only just kind of some programs that we’ve like, picked up from childhood along the way things that we’ve adopted along the way that kind of create the friction in the system. So we just kind of you know, like dust that off clean that up and, and, you know, there’s the process is very akin to, like talk therapy, you would say something, you know, some people don’t even realize it’s like I have a conversation with you and then things just up, you know, I’m just flowing easier for the dice.

So there are many people, many entrepreneurs that I’ve served for several years because they can calibrate to year on year on year growth and gains in different facets of their life what it is they’re focusing on because we skilfully direct the laser beam of their awareness, their attention, their focus on what is the place in your life, we all have these places, where, where’s the next level? Where do you want to grow? Like my place at the moment? Is acro, really lifting my game and acroyoga that’s something I have ambitious goals about improving in, in that space.

It’s, you know, how can I improve my inversions and learn to do a more advanced move in play in there and to practice and so it’s learning the mental tools and postures, right? Because it’s basically about how do we what a lot of it is the questions that people ask are not skilful questions, and so they don’t realize that the last themselves not skilful question and that not so full question will automatically elicit a response that’s going to make them more stuck.

And so it’s just retraining, retraining, the questions we ask and all that, and yeah, Aye. I, have someone I spoke with yesterday, he does the question around, increasing his cash flow, that’s what he wanted to work on, in, in learning how to generate more resources.

And that for me, was the approach to that was connecting to why cuz, why? Why do you want that? Why why is that important to you? And then, and then so you can pay off your debts, okay? And then, and then what will that give you and then for that, and, and really, when there’s enough of a driver there, when the system that we naturally move towards the things that we feel passionate about, that we’re committed to? If so, it is quite easy, we kind of just basically alchemize fear and turn it into the flow. That’s, that’s the way it works.

Anthony Hartcher 17:41
And is that alchemy, in terms of that feed into flow? Is there any specific like, so I’m thinking, you know, what comes to my mind is like breathing exercises in terms of, you know, help or, you know, meditation to help really switch off that amygdala, you know, and, and then the energy flowing to the prefrontal cortex. So you know, we, we’ve got great executive function and can make better, but then, you know, then resonating with the heart connecting that like so I know, with the Heart Math, it’s, you know, it is breathing exercises you can do to get you into that green, I don’t know if it’s a green zone or something, but to get you into your more resourceful state and then you’ve got, like our, our gut function.

So you know, as a nutritionist, naturopath, we talk a lot about activating the vagus nerve and, and helping that digestive system via the vagus nerve function and again, you know, some breathing exercises help with that and acupuncture can help with that.

Are these some of the tools that you call upon in order to get this alignment, and I assume there’s some magic sauce in terms of getting the free talking to you now, and I don’t expect you to, to give that away? But just to give the listeners

Dr. Divya Darling 19:01
I will give it away, I will totally give it away. If it is I’ll give you the URL to get the free meditation to do the multi-brain exercise. Multi Braining is like checking in with the head heart and gut because it is important that these systems are online before we make any decisions and so that is one tool. It’s the multi-brain process and I then created it.

Marvin Oka did he consults with the Institute regularly, he wrote the book, How To Use Your multiple brands to do cool stuff and he’s such an amazing guy; and he like me is gifted in taking, as you said, the concepts that other people will focus on it’s just this and integrate that we are integrators oh, what’s happening over here, what’s happening over here and how do we create a comprehensive map model that includes all of that.

So give you, the listeners a tool that they can use for this and this tool. This is a strategy called to love first, and you can use it anytime, anywhere, and love is an acronym. And so there’s four steps in this process.

L stands for lift the eyes and so one of the things we notice when we are feeling depressed, downtrodden, heavy, frustrated, any kind of that the eyes tend to look down. So what we want to do is lift the eyes, so they’re above the horizon line, that’s the first thing for L lifts the eyes, then O stands for oxygenating and oxygenate is the breath comes back to the breath.

I love the tools and strategies that you can do anywhere, anytime you don’t need them. All let me find these signals here in this moment, oxygenate is breathing evenly. Breathing evenly your nervous system is imbalanced if the nervous system is out of balance, then we can’t make wise decisions we’re in were in fight or flight if we’ve got an activated nervous system, fight, fight or flee, freeze, or paises what comes out of us and that’s not where we want to be operating from.

So we kind of train the focus on the breath and focus on breathing evenly. So whether that’s whether it’s to count, inhale, one, two, exhale, one, two, or five counts or whatever the count doesn’t matter. It’s that the breath be even and fun fact when you’re breathing when counting the breath or copy emotion that’s there when the breath is even, and you’re counting there. You’re counting the breath in and then counting the emotion, and that is really important when you’re trying to get your nervous system back online. Right when there’s an amygdala hijack, it’s like the emotions taken over and whatever it is like. So come back to the breath. Lift the eyes, oxygenate, breathe evenly, right.

V, The third step in the process is for verticalized your ribcage. So that pretty much means watch your posture, right stand up straight or sit up straight have your spine long like you want to imagine that your ribs are a bucket that is holding your lifeforce and if you are slouched because we know that that psychology and physiology are inner, inextricably intertwined, right.

So when we are feeling depressed and heavy or stressed or whatever, the posture will droop and, and, and slouch. So when we verticalized the ribcage we stand up taller or sit up taller, and the spine is lengthened and, and that that process opens the heart and we are sending the signals through the body through physiology, you know, of all is well in that regard, confidence and all of that, and I can see already the change in you, I’m watching you one by one, layer these things and I’m noticing your green get wider and I’m noticing and I can imagine you probably are feeling so much more alive already.

We haven’t even gotten to the fourth step in the process and you already like there’s a change in your energy. Just the first three, would you agree?

Anthony Hartcher 23:30
Absolutely. Totally agree. I’ve lifted my line focused on the breathing and vertigo as I’m sitting up, right? You’ve probably noticed that. So yeah, I’m feeling great. So yes, I’m so excited about the fourth,

Dr. Divya Darling 23:45
Physiology has changed as a result of that. So the quality of your thinking will change too. So in that order, then we come to E and the E is for envisaging your ideal outcome.

Envisaged your ideal outcome is what do you want and this is one of the things that we train people on so your success code is our, our online mindset gym, and in this online mindset gym, this is where we get to practice all of these different tools and strategies, and they’re done in such a way that there’s one new one that gets unlocked each week.

So there’s never any overwhelm. It’s never anyone thing this week, practice this one thing. There’s one thing and then over time we think of it like Lego blocks, right? You can’t make you have one Lego block two Lego blocks, not a whole lot you can build but you keep collecting these Lego blocks, and then all of a sudden, at the end of this year, you’re like, Wow, all of these things that I can make that I didn’t realize I could and that is the consistent feedback that we get from people that do this program.

Your success code, our online mindset gym. So part of envisaging your ideal outcome is you gotta learn how to point your brain in the direction for the things that you want. Most of the reason why people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know how to point their brain towards what they want. They point their brain towards what they don’t want and then they get more of that because the brain is a very obedient like it’s obedient and faithful, very, very faithful. So if, if we direct it well, we can reliably and consistently achieve the outcomes that we desire.

Anthony Hartcher 25:33
Get back in the driver’s seat, hey, I’ll get back into Yeah, no, I love the acronym L-O-V-E. Love just really resonates and it works. As you said, you could visually see it with me. I feel I feel energized and it was just so simple because, you know, it was like, just a few minutes that you took us through that exercise.

And, as you said, you can apply anywhere, anytime, like before you’re going into a meeting to really lift your energy and envisage that outcome you want from that meeting? Or, you know, yeah, so it’s insane with the start to the day like the morning routine, like just implementing this as part of your morning routine would be so beneficial. Magic?

Dr. Divya Darling 26:20
Yeah, We’re all practical, simple, effective tools and strategies.

Anthony Hartcher 26:28
I can see that being so yeah, easy to implement anytime, anywhere, it doesn’t cost you anything. It’s, it’s just using the resources that we already have well, and aligning them so. And I do, yeah, sorry, you go

Dr. Divya Darling 26:45
For multi-brain meditation. If for viewers that want to download that intrinsic, I believe is the link for that, orbit actually could be embedded, because it’s multiple brain integration techniques, and I’ll give you the URL I put in the show notes and whatnot, but that’s not free.

Like, please download this free meditation. There are plenty of free meditations on the RBI website, and these are, these are other things that can support us in training ourselves to know what it feels like. Again, and again, the more we create that, that kind of set point of, we know what home feels like, then it’s easier for us to notice the slightest bit of friction in the system and correct.

Anthony Hartcher 27:40
Yeah, love it. Love it. Easy, you’re an acronym a lot. So I’m really keen to hear from you in relation to you know when we were still in this pandemic, and it’s brought you from Bali back to Gold Coast and, you know, it’s changed. It’s up to here to people’s lives in terms of, you know, jobs, whether they got a job or don’t have a job, or they got a new job, our relationships are changing at throwing so much chaos into our lives. Is there something common that you’re seeing amongst the pandemic, in terms of where people’s brains are stuck? Or you know, whether or not connected? Is there anything you could share in relation to that? I’m just intrigued.

Dr. Divya Darling 28:24
Yeah, absolutely. So when, a year ago, when COVID, the COVID, outbreak first happened, there was a significant spike in terms of, as you would say, the chaos factor in consciousness. So there was a lot of confusion, a lot of anxiety, a lot of panics, a lot of uncertainty and, and what we discovered during that time, is those within our community who had already been investing in brain training, were able to handle it like was the case study of the person that I said, her business essentially disappeared overnight.

She was in events, filming and media production, eventually dry, like virtually the business dried up overnight, and within two weeks, it was the pivot. So there’s certain agility that’s created when there’s already been some brain training happening. So for those that had already invested in brain training there with our clients and YSC members, the consistent feedback was like, thank God that I started doing this with you because I wouldn’t have been able to handle this if I hadn’t made and they were noticing.

Another tool, a strategy that we teach the different model which stands for or difference and it’s to teach people to calibrate to the duration and the intensity and the frequency, the difference of something so we can notice the progress, when we’re moving towards something, a lot of people are kind of like all or nothing in, I’m doing this or I’m not doing this and that’s not useful.

That’s very discouraging. That’s not how change happens. It’s not how it works for us, we move incrementally. So when we learn to measure the duration, the intensity and the frequency of a certain behaviour or state, whatever it is, we’re aiming for, we notice progress and gains in that and then we have more of that we’re tracking that over time.

So they were calibrating to that tracking that noticing that they were still able to stay uplifted, and kind of roll with the punches and say, okay, and both, of course, myself and my co-director, it was because of the feedback that I got from a lot of people were like, so you just got stranded in Austria, like you don’t have a home and I’m like, no, no, no, behind my homes in Bali, and because the borders and I’ll work it out, it’ll be fine. Like, it’s just so what’s happening, that’s what’s here now, I’ll adjust, and so for the people who hadn’t learned that there was a lot of frustration, at first, a lot of frustration, because it’s like, life isn’t showing up the way I think it should and others are like, Well, life is life. It’s my job to adjust. If not, I’ll frustrate myself, I don’t want to frustrate myself, let me adjust. Let me learn how to adjust if I don’t know how to I will, I will learn I will invest in discovering these tools and strategies.

And so for them, there were a lot of feelings of gratitude and clarity and vision and new things emerging and all of that. So that was really beautiful to see within our community. Another thing that I noticed was the people, people were actually like, beginning to realize that the illusion of control that they were holding on to about the external world, they couldn’t anymore, and that’s a beautiful thing, too, because then there’s, there’s, there’s no awareness of weak, all of the things that you know, we might have thought we’re stable externally, now, aren’t we? We can’t control what shows up, we can control how we respond.

Like this is all that we can control? How do we respond, we are responsible, able to respond to what arises and that is it. And, and we, you know, if we’re not responding in a way that we would like, I had lots of people who were in relationships that were feeling quite frustrated being in close quarters and that was a beautiful opportunity for them to learn how to connect more deeply and respond more skilfully to these unspoken needs of their partners and families that they hadn’t been exposed to before because they hadn’t been around it for you know, that when everyone’s working from home and, you know, confined in small spaces and all of that.

So it was it’s been a stretching opportunity for all of us in various ways and those of us who are accustomed to stretch, we’re not alarmed by it. We’re like, okay, cool, all grow. This is great, this is fantastic and those that have yet to be accustomed to stretch. There was fear and panic and so in that time, I volunteered quite a bit to with support and outreach for those in distress.

And I, one of the things that I volunteered to do were hosts these they were virtual, virtual cuddle parties, basically like, oh, no, we’re on, on Zoom for leaders that were just checking in and, and talk about what’s current for you, and what’s going on for you. So there’s a space for that and it’s something that I’m passionate about that all of us have the space to explore what is true in our inner reality, you know, and the fact that more people started doing that during COVID because all of the external distractions were taking like cant leave the house, Okay, cool, maybe I’ll learn how to meditate but you know, amazing.

So yeah, I released a video on it very early. There was an early on. Maybe the first week or two that it happened I woke up one morning and there was a script in my mind that was like, Oh, this is for a video and I wrote it down and it was about When those of when we don’t fear death when we’re fully living life and for those of us who aren’t fully living life, then yes, of course, there will be fear for death and let that be a cue to us that there’s some aspect of ourselves that seeks to live more fully. So let us listen, let us tune in and listen.

Anthony Hartcher 35:20
Fantastic, I’ll certainly get that URL off you and share that in the show notes as well because I’m sure our viewers, listeners could really benefit from watching that video. And yeah, it’s that old adage isn’t the only constant in life is change, and very much, and I like how you’re brought up that, you know, we had this illusion of what was real in the world and it brought to reality that it wasn’t an illusion and made us more noticeable of that illusion.

And, and yeah, those that had the strategies that could get back into control and knew that they own their decisions, they I guess they adapted really quickly to the pandemic, but those that didn’t have resourceful tools, and I’m glad that you volunteered yourself and had little cuddle groups because there would have been plenty of people that and still today are plenty of people that need that level of support.

So I can actually visit you. I know that’s your E for love is envisaged you on our clubhouse and everyone that listening in for a cuddle. So I really appreciate everything you’ve shared with us. Divya, it’s been incredible insight and actually our reminiscing that time that we did the session and I went to you and I was struggling at the time with the decision and it was the decision whether I let go of the least and I had an emotional attachment to it as you do when you invest a lot of energy into anything and I knew I didn’t really know the decision, I think you now are stuck and you picked up.

You know, as soon as we sat down that I was stuck with something and you said, Well, what’s troubling you and I opened up and I said yeah, it’s this lease, I don’t know whether to let go of it or to keep it and what to do with it, and you talked me through that love principle, the acronym at that time, and by the end of the session we had and you don’t even remember it. So it was a short session, but it was forever. I’m forever grateful for it.

Because it made me make the right decision and you know, I don’t have that lease anymore. I have, you know, a home clinic. I love it. My clients love it. I do podcasting when I’m not seeing clients, I’m doing webinars and so you really helped me along my journey through you know, showing me that principle of love and how to apply it for a decision-making tool and it works. So I thoroughly advocate your services to the listeners and viewers that Divya really knows her stuff she will actually understand you quicker than what you get out of what’s going on.

Say she’ll read you pretty much like a book by just looking at the front cover and, quickly as in tie in as to this. I think this is troubling you but allow you to bring it up and to get it out because I think that’s probably part of the healing process and yes, you will help you with making any tough decision and making it easier with confidence.

I certainly made that decision with confidence. I don’t have any regrets and I was able to enact and make that decision after the session straight after the session. So I’m a strong advocate for what Divya does and how she supports the holistic view and so if you travelled stuck, you know if you feel like you haven’t made much progress through the pandemic and still struggling to come out or envisage your you out of the pandemic and you need some help, then yeah, I thoroughly endorse Divya services they are amazing.

They say thanks, Divya. I really appreciate this wisdom you’ve shared and all the advice you’ve given the secret sauce away and there’s so much more to that secret sauce. So even if you’ve adopted the loving acronym, there’s so much more to what Divya offers in her services. So listeners if you liked the episode, please share it with others who could also benefit from his excellent information.

There’s not many people that know a brain trainer and particularly they haven’t met you know if they haven’t met Divya they need to meet Divya so please share it with them. Put a review down because that will help with getting the message of what Divya does out to more people and you can help others that way.

So stay tuned for more insightful episodes of Me&My Health Up, and if you would have you got any concluding message for the listeners today, Divya

Dr. Divya Darling 40:11
Just but I don’t want them to be secrets I want my deepest most heartfelt wishes for all of us to intimately know ourselves and be able to operate with that knowledge as we move through the world and so if there’s any way I can support you in that, please reach out and I’d be happy to help ABI operates as a social enterprise, and we have all kinds of different programs that are either pay as you please. Gratitude-based donations, we have retreats, and there’s our online mindset gym. There are many, many ways that we can support you.

So if if there’s any way I can assist at all, then Happy, happy, happy to help.

Anthony Hartcher 41:05
I love that generosity of you and that compassion and how you just want to help as many people as possible because we have such an aligned vision. So thanks again, Divya. You’re an amazing human and I am so glad I’ve met you and I look forward to continuing our working relationship. Thank you

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