How to Live with Your Inner Critic

me&my health up podcast episode #8 – Transcript

Anthony Hartcher 0:00
Okay, welcome to me and my wellness viewers, episode number eight of health up today we have a very special guest we’ve actually gone global with going across the Pacific Ocean all the way to the bay, San Francisco Bay. And today we’ve got with us Krissy Deangelis. So welcome Krissy.

Thank you so much. So happy to be here. And yeah, that journey across the Pacific Ocean was magical.

Anthony Hartcher 0:27
Yeah, delighted to have you on, you know, you being a holistic health coach, we’ve covered a lot around physical health. And we haven’t, you know, journeyed into that more spiritual, the soul, the heart of you know who we are. And this is what we’re going to explore and unravel today. So I’m really excited to have you on as you know, that holistic coach, that coach that’s, you know, got yoga experience, I understand the yoga philosophy that you know, the Eastern philosophies of yoga, aerobatic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and you’ve even studied Astrology, so. And then on the other side, you know, you’ve had this career this 10-year career in tech marketing. So there’s obviously a lot of, I guess, more Western science and you know, you’ve merged the two together, bring, I guess, be able to bring the best of both worlds together for the individual. So that’s what I really love about what you do.

Unknown Speaker 1:27
Thank you. Yeah. Well, you just summarised my journey so well,, I’m inspired by the way you just described my experience. And yeah, I think that what I love so much about health is that I look at health as being this holistic view of a human and that connects our emotional body, our physical body, our mental body, and then also, who and how do we want to show up in this world. So all of that is deeply interconnected. And having a background in these more Esoteric Philosophies, mingled with more of my background in tech marketing, I think is a very unique way to land where I have landed. So I can share a little bit more about my journey getting here if you’d like,

Anthony Hartcher 2:14
I’d really love to hear that because I love to hear how people found their calling in life and that journey towards that because it’s generally not a straight linear path. You know, it’s got these bins and crossroads and challenges along the way. And, yeah, really excited. So please share with us that story.

Unknown Speaker 2:35
Yeah, my journey here has definitely not been a straight path. And I think I’m, like everyone else still evolving who I am. And every day, finding more about what I like and what I don’t like and start to finesse my offering. Elizabeth Gilbert says that there are two types of people there are hammers, so people who are born with this really clear passion, know exactly what their life purpose is. And they just everyday hammer hammer hammer away at that. And then there are people who are hummingbirds. And Hummingbirds are the type of people that flit around from flower to flower, they pollinate this flower and that flower, and they don’t really have a clear, focused or clear path. And that’s me, I feel like I’m definitely a hummingbird, my journey to get to where I am now, in this current moment has been very meandering. So as a young child, I was always very, very interested in health, and nutrition. Specifically, I thought I wanted to be a nutritionist or a doctor. But I didn’t really want to go to medical school, I didn’t want to go down that traditional science path. I wasn’t drawn to that. And I found myself being really drawn to nature really, really inspired by plants and the wisdom of the earth. And I found myself practicing yoga when I was 20. And was really interested in eastern philosophy and the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, and all of these things that as a 20 year old, you’re not typically exposed to, but it lit something up inside of me that took me across the seas to Thailand, and India, where I spent about two years studying Ayurveda, and yoga and all sorts of new age thought, philosophy. And it was like, wow, getting this key to this new world of spirituality and wisdom beyond what I had ever came across in Ohio, where I grew up. And it felt like just something clicked inside of me where I was so curious about expanding my consciousness and learning more about why I do the things I do and why does this person act that way? And how can I be a better person every day and help those around me continue to evolve and expand as well? And then I thought for sure, I was going to go to Ayurveda school and become an ayurvedic doctor. And that was going to be my path. But as you know, as these things happen, I meandered my way back to the United States and needed to Make Money really quickly. And I let that fear of not having enough money get in the way. And so I found myself working in tech marketing for about eight to 10 years and learned a tonne about business learned a tonne about interpersonal connections and mutations in the business world and marketing and building confidence and leading a team and speaking in front of people. And at the same time, I kept having this voice in the back of my head that was just like, you are here to do something different. Like remember Ayurveda remembers yoga, remember all these passions that you have, you need to do that you need to focus on this. And I also kept seeing this, this almost like this need this real need for human connection in the corporate world. It was like people came to work. And they were always saying, Oh, I can’t wait until the weekend like three more days till Friday. And I’m like, No, you’re wasting your life. Like, come on. This is your life is literally now like, why are you wishing your life away. So I started learning more about this career called coaching because I actually got a coach for myself to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. And instantly I was like, Oh my gosh, I can leave together. All of these travels around the world, all these multiple lineages, all the things that I’m passionate about, and create my own recipe for offering up to people what what it is to really live a full, vibrant, rich life and help people step into that. So that’s how I’ve gotten to where I am today. And as I said, I’m still learning and growing every single day. But I can confidently say that I feel like I am truly stepping into my dharma, my, my life’s work in this moment, at least.

Anthony Hartcher 6:49
That’s awesome. That’s such an impressive story. And I love how you know you went on a journey and you didn’t know where it was going to go. But you just really, I guess in a sense followed your heart or just followed the eye looking for that pollen like the hummingbird does and read a tree and and I arrived, you know, with your calling and and you just love what you’re doing. So you’ve found that tree that’s just forever generating pollen, and you’re in that space now.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
Yeah. Yeah, it’s incredibly rewarding, being able to help people meet themselves where they are. So we were talking earlier about this, this really unique time as uncertain time that we’re all living in. And some people are just loving it. They’re like, Yes, I get to create, yes, I have all this time. Yes, I don’t have to see people if I don’t want to. And other people, if they’ve spent a lot of time hiding from their emotions, or numbing out through alcohol or other substances, or just entertaining themselves constantly by going to parties or shopping or whatever. This can be a really confronting time for people sitting with their emotions and like actually having to feel what it is to be themselves. And that’s where I love to thrive. I love to be with people and hold a mirror and say, This is who you are, you are beautiful. You get to live the life you desire, and I can help you get there.

Anthony Hartcher 8:14
And that’s a terrific segue introduction into what we’re here to talk about today. And it’s the the inner critic, so that you know, self talk, that when you’re alone, you know, when you’re isolated by yourself, you the inner critic can become really loud, right? And really get on top of your, I guess your world. And you know, cause all sorts of, you know, further complications. So, yeah, let’s, let’s delve into the inner critic. And I think the starting point would be, you know, what is that inner critic that you know, is, you know, so noisy when we’re by ourselves, when we’re trying to get some peace, and then we get this voice that’s overwhelming. And we want to shut it down. But yeah, so please, fill us in about this inner critic.

Unknown Speaker 9:06
I would love to do this. This topic right here is truly my life’s work is the inner critic. So from a really early age, I had this voice in my head that was like, You’re not good enough. Hey, like you didn’t study hard enough. You’re not pretty enough. You’re not. And that voice was so loud. Even as a child, I remember hearing it and I always thought, Why do I have this voice in my head? It’s been described as like, living with a roommate that you don’t want, that’s not paying rent, that’s not contributing, not doing the dishes, and it’s just in your head all the time. And I always thought I was the only one on this earth that had that that voice and I never wanted to talk about it because I thought there was something wrong with me until I started doing this work and learning that we all actually have this inner critic, this negative self-talk or this voice that is dictating everything around us. all the time. And there’s a really good book on this topic by Michael A. Singer. It’s called the Untethered Soul. If you haven’t read it, I highly, highly recommend it. I have all my clients read it when we start working together. And he describes it as this just this constant narrator like you’re walking down the street, and you’re like, oh, there’s flowers. But, you know, those flowers aren’t as pretty as they were yesterday, where it’s like, oh, there’s a car. Wow, that car is beautiful. It’s way cleaner than my car, I need to why don’t I ever clean and then you just spiral into this, this nonsense land? Right? So I think the, the thing about the inner critic is that some people describe the inner critic as this really mean, like negative boy or girl living inside of your brain that you need to destroy, and like, you just got to kill the inner critic and move forward with your higher self. And I actually don’t believe that philosophy, what I believe is that the inner critic is actually there to protect us. Because we have developed this voice, right? When we centuries ago. I mean, when we lived in jungles, and we were hunter-gatherers, we had this way of protecting ourselves from perceived danger. So it’s like you had your senses on high alert, if there was a predator coming, you needed to keep yourself safe. And as we’ve evolved, that voice has stayed within us. And it’s louder due to external circumstances, societal pressure. And instead of us being able to notice that voice and discern what’s true and not true, we’ve actually over time, turned the dial up on that inner critic voice, and turned the dial down on our truth voice. And so we’ve started to listen more closely to that voice of our inner negative talk. And what I really believe the work for us to do with our inner critic is to hear it and ask ourselves like, is this true? Or is this just a story I’ve been programmed to believe, I believe that there’s 2% truth to our inner critic, there’s something there, that they’re that we’re that is actually true that we need to protect ourselves from. So maybe it’s not like you’re the worst person in the entire world because you didn’t do this project. Maybe the truth is, Hey, you didn’t do this project. And I and I think that you’re not giving yourself enough time for yourself, right, there’s something there to, to examine. And I think, when we have loud inner critics, it usually comes, it usually comes at a time when we are about to completely dismantle our identity, or like we’re about to go into the most challenging situation. And so again, that voice is there to protect us. So it’s like, you are moving beyond the edge of comfort, and then that voice louder. And most people when that voice, hotter, they back away, yeah. And then we get stagnant. And then we are stuck, which is how most people end up living their lives.

Anthony Hartcher 13:03
And so yeah, when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone is when that voice gets so much louder, and so much. And, and that, and that, essentially, is stopping the individual from growing, you know, going beyond, you know, in self, that self-growth that we need to go through in order to develop and thrive in this world and to support others. We’ve been held back because of that, that inner critic, that inner voice that, you know, you said there’s only there’s a subtle like 2% truth to it. So, in that moment, you know, that we thinking, yes, it’s time for me to step up, step out, you know, I want to grow, you know, I want to develop as a person, how can we, you know, I guess listen to the subtlety of truth and gain that wisdom, as well as being able to confidently step out. And you know, so it’s that, you know, whether it be dampening that inner voice or raising that element of truth and realizing that everything that the inner voice is telling me it’s not necessarily true. That’s partly true. So yeah, just if you can provide some clarity as to how we can really step out of this comfort zone successfully. And in aquas, this inner critic seems to be holding us back.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
Yeah, absolutely. And this is the work to be done. It’s just this is a constant dance between I want to move forward but I’m really afraid of being seen. I’m really afraid of being judged and the person that’s judging me the loudest is actually myself, which is such a crazy concept right? At the end of the day, it’s like nobody’s judging you as harshly as we are judging ourselves. So I think the first step is noticing, okay, that voice is there. I hear that voice is very, very loud. And then taking a step back and asking yourself, what is this voice trying to show me? What is this voice actually trying to teach me? Is there anything there that needs to be learned? And another thing that I find to be a very helpful tool, when it is this is the tricky part is that we often believe that voice to be true. Like, I really want to, I really want to come on this podcast, but there’s a part of me that’s afraid of sharing this stuff, right? And then that voice like, Oh, you don’t actually know what you’re talking about. Here’s the thing is that our higher self, our voice of truth, our voice of wisdom, will never say things like that to ourselves will never say you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy, you don’t deserve this, our higher self is always going to speak words of positivity, of love of joy. So for me, that’s a really clear way of knowing if my inner dialogue is coming from my inner critic, or if it’s coming from my higher self. And then another thing that I like to share with my clients is that when we have this perfect recipe of both fear and excitement, when that fear is present, and excitement is present, that is a really clear stepping stone for us to move forward in our growth. Right? When fear is there, and excitement is there, oftentimes, our inner critic gets even louder. And that’s when we need to say, okay, hey, guess what, you’re not going to drive the car today. My inner courage is going to drive the car instead. And I’m going to move forward, regardless of what you’re telling me. And then additionally, having a crew, a council, if you will, of people who you really trust like they have your back. 100% They believe in you, your success is their success going to them when you have these thoughts when these voices are present, and having them reflect back to you. That is not the truth that yes, you are capable of doing this. Yes, you deserve this. Yes, you are magnificent and wonderful in all of these ways. And don’t listen to this voice right now. You need to move forward. So, yeah,

Anthony Hartcher 17:19
That’s great because a lot of how you started with, yes, that having that self-awareness. And, you know, as you rightly put, it’s, you know, you get to that the set of traffic lights, and it’s currently read saying, Well, no, you’re not ready to grow. And then, as you said, when the level of excitement rises with the rise of fear, that light goes green, and, you know, that’s when we got to go forward. I really like that. And she said, that go with the courage side of things, which is the highest self so, you know, rather than focusing on that, the that is, you know, the little subtle truth, that becomes, you know, really exacerbated as rising above that, and, you know, so I’m really keen as to how we get to that focus of, you know, going towards the courage and, you know, you mentioned the council. So, obviously, you are surrounding yourself and people that, you know, it’s got your back that, you know, have, um, you know, I guess, understand your potential, and they can see your potential, and I really want you to rise to your potential and so that those cheerleaders they should mentioned. So how do we take that stepping stone towards the voice of courage, that higher self, and away from that self doubt, and, yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 18:55
Yeah, that’s a beautiful question. I like to speak in metaphors. So I like to be very poetic with what I share. So hopefully, this will resonate. But I visualize our minds in our life like a garden. And inside of this garden, we have all of these seeds that are just below the surface of the soil. And some of these seeds are weeds. And some of these seeds are beautiful flowers and nourishing vegetables and fruit trees. And we can choose to water and nourish the seeds that will grow into weeds and destroy the rest of the potential in the garden. Or we can choose to nourish and water the seeds that will grow into fruits and vegetables and beautiful flowers. Right? So when I when what I’m trying to get to is that we all have the choice to choose our own thoughts. Our thoughts are so important. We have I forget how I would like some some some some million number of thoughts a day that come into our mind and we have this thought and we can choose to allow our minds to go deep into this thought of negative destruction, the path of turmoil. Or we can just notice that thought, and let it go by, and then focus our mind refocus the mind on a vision that is actually more supportive, actually more beautiful, actually more inspiring for us. But in order to get to that muscle, like because it really is of muscle to be able to do that. And it is just like working out, if you want to go run a marathon, and you’ve been spending the last month just on your sofa, eating chips, and ice cream, taking those first couple of steps is going to be really hard. So that is a muscle to train and choosing our thoughts. And I think it really starts with how we are watering the garden of our mind and having things like positive mantras to start our day, starting our day looking at beautiful imagery, starting our day, with a walk-in nature, or talking to our best friend, like really surrounding ourselves with nourishing, loving, warm, positive experiences, and imagery and thoughts is an amazing place to start to believe that we deserve to have the visions and the dreams that are coming to us and not get seduced by that inner critic voice.

Anthony Hartcher 21:23
So yeah, just as I mentioned, the previous episodes, we’ve been talking a lot about the physical health and exercise and, you know, to help people during this time of isolation or, you know, being, you know, confined. And what I love is how you’ve associated this the mindset, you know, connecting with the soul, your inner voice, with, you know, similar to the physical side of things, you know, it needs to be trained. And, you know, what I love is how you said you can set yourself up by training yourself to move towards this, you know, this visualisation of what you want the world, you know, how you want the world to be, essentially, for you, and, and how you can interact with that world. And so I was just, you know, you, I guess touched on the morning routine there. And I noticed on your website, you had this blog about the morning routine. And so I’d love for you to share, you know, with the viewers and listeners, you know, this morning routine of yours, and you know what you how you recommend others to set up their morning routine, so they can really start the day, you know, with that positive outlook, you know, and get going towards their vision as to you know, and away from that negative self talk.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
Absolutely. I think morning time is so magical for really setting the tone for the rest of our day. And in this blog post that you’re mentioning, I think I wrote it a couple of years ago, I was waking up at 5:30 am. So I just want to point out that I’m not waking up at 5:30am anymore, but there was a point in my life where I was. And in yoga philosophy, we call that time Brahma Mo Porta, which is a really really potent, magical time for meditation and creation. So it’s like, rising above the sun is just like you just embrace all of that power of the sun rising and it just infuses you with this force to be reckoned with. But my morning routine now is has been a little bit more tame. And I like to start my day with opening my eyes and really letting three to five thoughts of gratitude come into my mind like, wow, my eyes are open, I’m alive. I get to live another day. Wow, my bed is so comfortable. I always have beautiful flowers next to my bed so that when I open my eyes, I see flowers, I see life I see colours and vibrancy first thing in the morning. And yes, I have those moments of gratitude that come in, I will make myself a cup of tea. I recently just got off of coffee and caffeine, which has been huge for me, I had been a massive coffee drinker for 10 plus years. So feeling that I don’t need to be dependent on caffeine anymore. To start my day has actually been quite empowering. I like to sit with my cup of tea, get my journal out and just give myself 1015 minutes to dream or write about whatever might be on my mind and sort through that before I begin my day. And then I always start with some kind of physical activity in the morning, whether that be going on a nice walk, or actually getting in a good solid workout, but doing something to get my body moving so that my mind can start to wake up and move itself as well. And then some kind of creation after that once my body has been moved I feel like I can sit and my mind is ready to begin writing or planning A workshop, just some type of creation is really important first thing in the morning, before I get tired from the day’s work,

Anthony Hartcher 25:09
that’s fantastic. I really love how you start the day and you look at your flowers, because you know, earlier on in our discussions, you spoke about that garden, and in that you’ve got seeds that can grow into flowers and seeds that can grow into weeds. And by you waking up in the morning, and looking at your flowers and expressing those thoughts of gratitude, you’re really watering those flowers to flourish. And, you know, as you as you said, yes, you’re setting up the life you want to live. And then, you know, following that you have that, I guess bit of time to reflect and, and create in terms of creating your day in terms of journaling and, and really putting out there as to what you want to get out of that day. And then a lot of how you then you know, get into the physical activity. So you’ve I guess, fed the mind, positive thoughts and acts of you know, thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, and then you nourish the body by getting out there and moving. And that that’s obviously feeding the body. And so you’re doing the whole holistic side of things in your morning routine. So it’s really nice. I lucked out so Hall and, and it really sets you up, you know, you get back from your activity. And then you’re ready to really start the day. And you start with that point of curation. Because you own that part of the day. There’s, you know, it’s later on in the day where you get intercepted with, you know, I guess demand, you know, from, I guess people around your workplace or loved ones. The initial part of the days, it’s all yours, and you make the most of that.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, that’s, that’s exactly right. I think really taking the time to be with ourselves in the morning is so important. I mean, it’s truly like you, we are waking up from a dream state. So it can be a little disorienting, coming back to planet earth. So it’s like, let’s be gentle with ourselves in the morning before we go out and like need to be so aggressive and tackle the day. Another thing that I do that I forgot to mention, which has been pretty pivotal in a lot of my own inner healing is intermittent fasting. That’s something that I learned from Renee, who I know you had on your podcast a couple, maybe the last session was with her recently.

Anthony Hartcher 27:36
She’s coming up nice coming up.

she’s coming up. Love that.

Anthony Hartcher 27:40
Yeah, Thailand, opened on the first of June, and she was getting a lot of, you know, requests from clients to get her health. And so yeah, so she’s, you know,

Unknown Speaker 27:50
incredible. Everyone should work with her. But, um, so yeah, I started doing intermittent fasting, which has been remarkable, like, expansive for me to not need to feel like I need to eat first thing in the morning, but to give my body a lot of time to rest and digest all of the emotions and all of the food and all of the experiences from the day and night before, before I start putting more things in my body. I think we’re such a consumerist society where we just feel like we constantly need to take more supplements and more food and more experiences and more people, but we’re not actually digesting any of that. So when we speak to the like the holistic human, it’s giving ourselves enough time to digest what we’re feeling over eating, and setting ourselves up to be a vessel for new life to come in through us. When already

Anthony Hartcher 28:44
fantastic, yeah, it’s creating that space, isn’t it? Allowing the fulfillment of that space? So yeah, I really love how you’ve added that element of nutrition, you know, incorporated into your holistic Monday morning routine, it’s Yeah, so it’s really nice to, to hear how you know how holistic you are. So, you know, then obviously, you get on with your day. And then, you know, during that day, we can, you know, see media press and, you know, all this negativity, you know, so then the media thrives on negativity, and, you know, I guess social media, which also is feeding the negativity, you know, sharing those and, and, you know, we can, they can draw our attention to how doom and gloom the world, you know, be created by someone else. How do you get back to that that visualisation of how you want that day and, and, you know, taking yourself towards that vision as opposed to being intercepted away to into the negativity and yeah, so how do you get to keep the momentum going is my question throughout the day?

Unknown Speaker 29:56
Yeah, it’s a great question. I think that We need to consciously choose what we are giving our attention to. So what I mean by that is, oftentimes, let’s take Instagram for an example. Oftentimes, we’ll follow people who we find to be really inspiring, and like living these really beautiful pictures perfect lives. But Hello, that is such a prime ripe fertile ground for our inner critic to go haywire. So we see these beautiful landscapes, we see these beautiful photos. And on one hand, we yeah, we could be completely inspired by it and try to design our life to be like that. But on the other hand, what happens for most people is that they go to this place of not enough land. So they go to this place of lack, they go to this place of comparison, they go to this place of jealousy. And I am incredibly careful about time spent on social media, I think it’s a really beautiful tool, I think it’s a wonderful form of expression. I love writing posts, and I love sharing beautiful photos. And I do draw a lot of inspiration from other people who are creating on that platform. But I am conscious of how much time I’m spending, and I’m conscious of people that I am following, and also very conscious of my thought process and patterning that is coming up when I am scrolling. Right. So more practically speaking, I like to limit myself to like maybe once a day, or sometimes I take multiple day breaks from even being on social media, because I don’t, I personally don’t feel like I need it. I like to go on it when I want to share something or when I want to just catch up with what’s happening with my community of people that I like to follow. So to answer your question, I think that again, it comes back to choices, and really believing that we have the choice to take control of our own thoughts and the actions that come as a result of our thoughts. And to choose how we’re spending our time and noticing what we’re feeling when we’re spending our time on this activity versus that activity.

Anthony Hartcher 32:14
I love it. I love that response. And I love how you brought in social media and the impact that social media can have on us. And he also, I guess, drew that back to that cheerleader, you know, people that are really going to inspire you, as opposed to not support your development. So in a way, you can draw that self inspiration from us. And I also loved how you, I guess tied it in with your garden. So, you know, obviously, you know, you guys who let self reflection about you when you’re scrolling through, is this feeding my flowers, you know, the visual of what I want to create in this world? Or is it feeding the weeds and you know, you can control that by you know, unfollowing or choosing who you follow, as you said, you know, we have that element of choice. And we should, we should have a choice and as you rightfully port, you know, if we’re then comparing ourselves to those people, and that can really, you know, so this is feeding the weeds, growing our minds and take us away from creating our own life. And I think you rightfully put that, you know, we are completely unique and different. And we you know, we bring different, I guess inspiration to this world. And that’s what we need to focus on is our uniqueness that we bring to that comparison to someone else, because that’s their uniqueness and not the same as them. We don’t have the same genetic profile, we don’t have the same environmental influences that they’ve had. You know, we have the unique upbringing, completely unique, you know, genetic profile, and as you’ve rightly put is to really allow yourself to thrive by you know, setting up your day around that visualisation of what you want to create.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
Yeah, yeah, one thing I’ll say on that is I’m taking this women’s leadership course right now. And we talk a lot about comparison because it comes up so regularly with a group of women, oftentimes we fall prey to comparison and then oftentimes on the other side of comparison is jealousy. And what we talk a lot about is that comparison in itself is not actually bad, because comparison shows us I mean, it’s literally like okay, here’s an apple, this apples red, and this apple green, one’s not better than another. It’s just using our mental capacity to relate one thing to another thing When jealousy comes on the other side of it, that’s when our inner critic can really spiral out of control. So what I love to encourage myself to do when it comes to comparison is to see what I love about this person or this experience or this thing that I really want, compliment them on it, and then tell myself like, well, I want this thing. And then it gives me a clue gives me a sign really depth pointing me deeper down my path. So it can actually be a really beautiful thing if we’re coming about it. If we’re coming at it with a conscious state of mind, if we’re coming at it from above line places versus a below the line, place.

Anthony Hartcher 35:45
And you and you’re focusing on their strength and the exact value they bring into this world and making a difference. Exactly, yes. And you’re not becoming not allowing yourself because you’re consciously aware of what’s going on in your minds, because of all the practice and training you do with your mindset, that you’re not allowing yourself to fall in that jealousy trap. It’s more acknowledging and recognising that strength of theirs and praising, giving them encouragement, being that support for them and rising them with the sun.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
right, right, right. Yeah, it’s not easy to do. I don’t want to make it sound like I like never get jealous, because I definitely have moments. But it’s really helped me to notice like, wow, that person’s amazing. And there’s a part of me that feels like I should be doing that too. And I’m not. And when I have that, I just say, Wow, you’re amazing. You did such a great job on that and really praise them and compliment them and come from a place of higher vibration. Energy versus like, oh, wow, they’re so cool. And because they’re so good, that must make me really bad. That’s not true. Like, just because someone’s great at something doesn’t mean that we are less than, we’re not good enough. We’re not worthy. People can exist in a beautiful, spacious, amazing place. And we can also exist there too.

Anthony Hartcher 37:01
Absolutely. And I also love Krissy, how you bring that element of humaneness to everything you talk about, in a sense, you’re saying that, you know, like the morning routine, yes, I started off, you know, 5:30am in the morning and you know, wanting to beat the sun and then you know, rise above it. However, that wasn’t for you and you recognise that’s not you. And you’ve into wines, your morning routine around what works for you as a unique person. And so I really like and then the element of humaneness, recognising that, hey, you know, I’m human, I do get jealous, you know, occasion. But, hey, I’ve got that self awareness, I’ve got the mental training to really, you know, switch out of that allow that thought to pass through that higher self. So I really love everything that you’re sharing with us today, Krissy.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Thank you. Yeah, yeah, I mean, that’s such a great reflection for me too. Because when I work with my clients, there’s not a one size fits all approach to working with people, right? Like every single person is different. You understand as being a nutritionist, not we can all eat the exact same foods would work for us. I work with my clients to find out what is it that they desire for their life? What is it that’s holding them back? And how can we work together to identify the action steps to move forward? Some people hate journaling, some they’re like, I’m so afraid to journal, it’s just another thing on my to-do list. I’m afraid I’m going to do it wrong. But another person might love it. And they’re like, Wow, which is like a retreat, I get to go into myself and spent all this time writing. And so it is such a reminder that yeah, we are all incredibly different, incredibly unique. And one of the things I love about my job is helping people on earth what it is that makes them so special and so unique and finding the medicines I call it, they’ll have this medicine shelf, and there’s all these different medicines inside of it, that we can use to help heal ourselves and really bring out the best in what we desire.

Anthony Hartcher 39:04
Yeah, I love that. I love that individual approach. You take wrecking all first of all, understanding that everyone is unique and different. And then you know, there’s not a one size fits all for that person. There’s not a single medicine that you can give the world that will, you know, help them on their journey because they’re all aspiring for different outcomes anyway, you know, they’re all different colleagues so that I love that individualization approach you take to it. How can viewers and listeners get in touch with you know, because there’s no doubt they’re going to be inspired by your words what and the wisdom you’ve shared with us today? So how can they get in touch with you to you know, help them along their journey? So what’s the best way

Unknown Speaker 39:46
so they can go to my website, it’s www.KRISSY And you can also follow me on Instagram. It’s the same thing at KRISSY DEANGELIS, just my name. Those are the two best places says to get in touch with me. And on my website, they can find my contact page if they want to reach out with an email or learn more about how I work with people to help them live their most vibrant inspired life.

Anthony Hartcher 40:14
Love it, Krissy. Yeah, I’ll certainly share those, you know, contact details in the comments, or in you know, in the fields below, where we post this. And yeah, so people can go directly to your Instagram page or your website to get in touch with you. And yet certainly, you know, at some stage down the track, we would love to connect with you again and have you on and I’d love it. Yeah, yeah, we can talk and inspire the world and help them towards their dreams and or help them find their calling. Really enjoyed the discussion with you today, Krissy because it’s certainly been enlightening. For me, it’s being powering myself, to help me develop as a person and there’s no doubt that you’ve inspired and helped others, you know, that are listening and viewing this, to really understand that that self reflection is a good thing to create set self awareness, with self awareness, we can grow, we can work out whether we’re at that traffic light, whether the traffic lights, and we’re all saying it’s green. And you know, you’ve really helped us, you know, I guess move beyond that, you know, critic and allowed us to recognise there’s a subtle message from that and take that away from it. So not totally dismissing it, but also giving us the tools to rise above that and focus on our higher self, and move towards the way we want to live this world and do greatness within the world around us. So thank you so much for inspiring me, I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
Thank you so much for having me on. It was so wonderful meeting you and chatting with you, Anthony, you did such a great summary at the end. I’m very impressed by your memory and your brain skills, you must do a lot of meditation yourself. So wonderful. Thank you again, so so much. And thank you for doing this work. This takes a lot of courage to put together this show and inspire others to live in the light. And I’m just really grateful to be here and to be a part of it.

Anthony Hartcher 42:21
Awesome. And we’re so grateful to have you on and I’m so grateful to Renee for connecting us.

Yeah, me too. Yeah, Renee, she rocks

Anthony Hartcher 42:28
I can’t have you on Renee. Renee. Nice coming up. It’s she’s in with it.

Within the next two weeks, actually. Yeah, two weeks from today. So looking forward, wait. Awesome, crazy. You have a wonderful day and you continue to do your greatness within this world. And I’ll certainly be sharing your story and all the messages, the great messages you shared with us to the rest of the world as much as I can.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Namaste

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