How To Create Health Habits In Your Children with Clinical Nutritionist Anthony Hartcher

Do you have trouble getting the kids to eat the good stuff?…you know the colourful vegetables and the healthy animal products that they need to grow big and strong. “Trying to feed kids vegetables is like pulling teeth from a shark” is what a parent told me one time and so I asked her, “Do you eat healthy yourself?” to which she replied, “who has the time?”. I think this brief discussion I had with a super busy Mum is the perfect preface for this podcast episode with Father and Clinical Nutritionist Anthony Hartcher because it truly starts at home in the kitchen and the most important ingredient is likely to be one that you aren’t anticipating.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The difference between growing humans and adults
  • The core challenges that parents face trying to feed kids healthy food
  • How to cultivate a healthy-habit lifestyle inside your family home