Freeing Yourself from Emotional Eating using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

me&my health up podcast episode #32 – Transcript

Anthony Hartcher 0:00
Welcome to another insightful episode of me&my health up. The purpose of this podcast is to enhance and enlighten the well being of others. I’m your host Anthony Hartcher. I’m a clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist. This episode is centred on reducing anxiety and stress using the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT with Fay Chan, how are you Fay? Um, well and yourself are fantastic. Phaser mindset and wellbeing coach, she specialises in EFT tapping, she helps women with emotional stresses to find their calm, clarity and confidence amongst the chaos of life. So important these days, and I certainly come across many women that could deal with your services. And EFT is something that I’ve come across properly through Jane Slyke. Smith and the property Success Club. Yeah. So it was the Yeah, her, I guess conversation she had with you, for her members during COVID that I connected with, I guess your technique and then I’ve done a bit my own research and looked into it and you know, discovered there’s lots of emerging positive evidence in favour of EFT. So for you, it’s probably good if you could give the listeners some background, further background around you and how you’ve arrived at doing what you’re doing today. We’d love to hear more about you.

Fay Chan 1:40
Okay, cool. So hi, everyone, I’m Fay. And so I’ve been tapping practitioner for two years now. However, the conversation around personal development I’ve been immersed in since 2004. And in fact, I’ve worked in the personal development and transformational education industry before I’ve been a money budgeting coach. So the conversations around money and mindset is very normal and occurs quite normally for me. And, and yeah, so how I became, I’ve known about EFT Emotional Freedom Technique for over a decade, right, because we are worked in a transformational development company, there were lots of different types of people in that conversation domain that were really quite open minded, or were wanting to take themselves to the next level. And there was when I met my trainer, right, and we were just friends and I was a tapping customer, right? However, so time went on and, you know, done some other jobs and stuff like that and became a household budgeting coach, right for people’s personal household money, finding black holes, plugging them up. I mean, because the foundation of which is really important. And that’s where your foundation solid, and that’s where you can grow your wealth. But I concentrated on a foundation and I’ve worked with other people about the wealth creation, right? Other professional cement. However, you know, inside the money mindset conversation, I have a lot of clients that would say to me, Fay, I’d rather be naked in front of you than to show you my numbers. Right, because they were so petrified and completely gripped by what they make their bank accounts mean, or what they make their savings me or lack of surplus, what they make responsibility mean in terms of what they actually spend their money on. Right. So when I actually do an audit on people’s money and finances, they were petrified, because they really then needed to cough up what was working and wasn’t working about their actual budget, but they can’t find a way with credit cards. Right? However, so as much as that service was needed and wanted, even now by anyone in everyone, everyone pay lip service to it, but not, but it won’t be slow. What’s the word paralysed in doing anything about it? Right? And I’ll it was a real frustration for me to try and get a lot of lines up because I’m not I’m not one that just throws out courses and goes do these six modules and you’ll get an awareness and insight about your money. It’s like no, I actually want to transform your money issues and it means physically going through your accounts. And that was too scary for people. And so I change the tact from the strategic pipeline to the emotional pipeline. Because therefore, Emotional Freedom Technique. So the conversation about year T comes in there In terms of helping people I’m blocked their stories and this is in any area of your life emotional eating your blocks to money, blocks of relationships, your blocks to the relationship you have with your children, your anger, your past, etc. So it’s every myriad parts of your life. And so I when I did the EFT tapping technique, courses, I just loved it like he was does my vehicle to which I can express myself utilise all of my background and history since 2004, in the personal development space, and I’ll have spiritual training on top of that, and everything else, and really be able to carry forth conversation and impact another life through using EFT as the vehicle for me to do that. So and that’s really opened up, especially during the year 2020. Because, you know, all the extraordinary circumstances that’s happening this year, or the year is not over yet.

A lot of people have been triggered, you know, they go along their life being really busy, and being busy with being busy. And so they’re not really aware of what’s really going on. And what makes what COVID done, and knockdowns done, is that all of a sudden, you need to be with yourself. It’s literally like what my clients said, I want to be standing naked in front of you then to do with my numbers, right COVID Is brought their wide up. And they needed to do with themselves and do within numbers and do with all the triggers that come along with that. And the symptoms carry out in how they express themselves how they feel within themselves. It was emotional eating, you know, they’re not hungry or that but they’re the next chocolate is going in or the next wine just keeps pouring? Or, you know, those reach for the potato chips. And they don’t know why it’s uncontrollable, because it takes them over and not the other way around. Yeah, yeah, it’s been really quite interesting in terms of tapping with people like comes up and in me for that for them.

Anthony Hartcher 7:18
Yeah, just really connected with what you said, because it’s very aligned and runs, like what I do with my clients, in a sense, working with the foundations of health, and then bringing in the experts to provide that layered support, such as, you know, EFT for, you know, like, so I’m working with those, building those strong foundations, like you’re working with money, and then bring in the experts that can provide that layer of expertise, but unless you have those strong foundations, you need them, they’re the cornerstones of success, and then you can rate Yeah, yeah. EFT is that, you know, that little gem of a technique that can be you know, once trained, you know, self applied, you know, and, you know, and applied when needed. And then, you know, as you said, it truly helps that individual, like, I guess, be comfortable with who they are. Yep, you know, and unblocks you know, things that are stopping them from going forward. And so it helps with that unravelling of bad habits, like you mentioned with, you know, what

Fay Chan 8:33
I’ve really found interesting is, with people that care I’ve been the thing is, don’t come to me and go fe, I can stop eating lollies, and I don’t know why. Or I can stop eating sweet potato. No, it’s specific. It’s sweet chilli and potato chips, right? And I don’t know why. It’s always specific, like lollies could be all night if I if I have a bag of mix all these I’ll go for the jelly snacks. I’m like, great. Let’s check on the jelly snakes. And I’ll use the jelly snake. I’ll use a potato chip in front of them. And then we’re tapping like this over the spring. I’m like, go get your chips bring in front of you. And I want you to be triggered. Right? And we’ll start tapping and I’ll go where do you feel this in your body? I’m like, they’re like, I feel this in my stomach. I’m like, Can you taste it right now? Right now just by looking at it. They’re like, Yes, I can taste it. And I’m like, Can you smell it? They’re like, I can smell it too. So all your senses are heightened and your brains creating that just by looking at that packet. Right? And so we use all of that to trigger because the emotion is created in your body from that thought. Right? And we want to see where that thought comes from. Okay. And usually it’s it’s given by a memory or a source for event that sort of solidified it. You know? A client Tetrick me on, on some chips, right. And what solidified it for her was she associated happiness and joyfulness and community with sweet potato chilies, the sweet chilli chips, because that’s what that’s what happened with her in terms of at Uni. She was living shared housing, and they just sit together studying for exams, with chips okay. And so for her, she collapsed, the happy meaning to the chips together. It’s like COVID happens. And what do you want in your systems? Like, I’m so stressed out the kids at home, yada, yada, I can’t go out. What do I reach for? And then your brain will go? Well, I was happier when I had sweet potato chips, bang sweet potato chips, you buy them, you eat them. And so we went in and I’m hooked it. Right? So sweet potato chips are just sweet potato chips, right? And then and happiness is happiness joyfulness is this joyfulness, not the two collapsed. And so when you unhook it, and that’s when you get freedom from it, therefore emotional freedom to Nick. Right? And it’s inside that freedom that then you will get some chips or go or you test it like walking down the aisle and calls or leaves and you go, which chips do I want? And you want to see whether you’re triggered? Or you look at that you go, I don’t know, this is so strange. How come I don’t know I used to reach all those. But I I’m not drawn to it anymore. And that’s the test. The test that the unhooking has has been successful. Right. Now the next layer, though, that’s not the end of it. The next layer is then what are you trying to eat down? Right? What’s the chocolate trying to hide or what’s the chips trying to hide what’s burger trying to hide. And then when you’re slowly discerning insights come on over the next week, and we tap on what’s coming up again. Because if you don’t take care of the source, as in the emotion that you’re trying to eat down the anxiety that you’re literally trying to swallow, right, then all just benefits in some other way, or manifest in baking. Right or manifest in something else. And so you need to have follow up sessions to go Alright, what’s the next layer? And what’s the next layer? Because the revealing source would might take a few sessions to get to. But the thing is, it’s a real revelation. When you finally put two and two together, you’re like, Oh, your wife does occur. It’s like a domino like dominoes falling Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, like, Oh, no wonder it is then and that in and, you know, when I went through that stressful situation, I put on five kilogrammes, right. And everybody goes, I guess that’s what I do. I stress eight, but then that says paying lip service to like affirmations. It doesn’t work, you really have to see the belief that’s driving it inside. Because it’s the disbelief really, that’s, that’s got you hooked, and it takes over your systems, and you don’t have any control over it. And so you might be disciplined. And you might have an accountability structure, you might have a PT or whatever, coach, and they held you accountable. But as soon as that stops, right, that’s it.

Right? So I used to work for a financial company that that took care of people’s budgets, like actually, their household budgets, right, you can probably guess which company in Australia based based in South Australia, and they would leave us as clients, right? And then all of a sudden accumulate $50,000 worth of personal debt, and they’ll come back No, go, no. Please put me back into the system. Because the structure and accountability as soon it was gone, right, your own discipline and willpower is not reliable. Not to say you can develop it, but it will take a lot of time. A lot of commitment to make sure that that becomes habit. And for a lot of people like the thresholds of normality in your in your brain or in your body is unworkable level. Yeah,

Anthony Hartcher 14:28
totally. Yeah. So it’s that real. There’s a an old habit there that is triggered by you know, stimulus in the environment or you know, could be within in terms of thoughts. Yes. Or that could be aroused through any, you know, could be conversations or seeing certain people or, you know, to arouse through the senses. It has a strong emotional connection associated with it brings up past experiences and then They’ve got a connection that is, I guess, their band aid solution, which is the binge eating of the substance that really helps dumb it down or, you know, pacify

Fay Chan 15:13
good food at Christmas. Yeah, at least this Christmas good.

Anthony Hartcher 15:20
So, what you do is initially provide some symptomatic relief in a sense that they’re less triggered by it, at the same time in parallel, working with finding that root cause, so then you can slowly break down that strong connection and association. So it’s a, it’s, you know, it’s, I like the approach because it’s very similar to what we apply in natural naturopathic medicine or nutritional medicine is that you provide some symptomatic relief, help the person help them lessen the symptoms, make them feel a bit better. And then at the same time, you’re working with them to get to that underlying root cause, and helping resolve that issue long term. And as you said, if you don’t get to that underlying root cause, then those habits come back, because you know, there’s there could be a strong trigger such as COVID hits, and then you go back to the old vices. Yeah, yeah. Unless you’ve developed some strong, healthy habits, overriding those bad habits. Yeah, then you’ll always go back to that. Habit, this work for you, that mainly, maybe not so beneficial. So the big question I have had for the listeners is, they’re probably thinking, What the hell is a tea? Or this Tapping Solution at all? So give us some background as to, you know, how, what’s the origin of it? And, you know, and then how would you apply it to say someone that experiences binge eating, because it’s something that I certainly come across a lot in practice is that, and particularly, I think COVID Just elevated and heightened this binge eating. And certainly the rise of Netflix has contributed, oh, gosh,

Fay Chan 17:09
yes. Well, he if t as we said before, stands for emotional freedom technique. And it uses acupressure, Eastern acupressure meridian points. So Chinese acupressure, and Western psychology to really alleviate the stress and anxiety felt within you. So as much as we point to this and coordinate pin, you can’t point to anger, depression, anxiety, frustration, but you do feel it in your body. Right? So what tapping does is it rewires the brain, and bypasses the amygdala and calm signals down, right? So you’re not in your, that’s the firing off, like when you’re triggered, that’s the amygdala going. This is how you stay safe, safe, safe. And, and so it allows your body which is where you feel the anxiety, emotion, right and the brain to release those limiting beliefs. And so when you’re tapping in attacking meridian points, are you using your fingertips to pulse on those points. It’s working the same way as the needles on those points. But the reason we couple that with language is the psychological aspect. It’s because it’s the languaging or like a specific term like I love that Cadbury purple, you know, I will never get a bad block of Cadbury. Whatever the beliefs are, will trigger right and those of the least like that’s actually that’s actually a statement from my client where we’re tapping on caffeine she goes I’ll never get a bad block of Cadbury. It’s consistent I know exactly what I can get. I can rely on capillary capillary loves me and I love capillary right. And to some people, they’ll start crying and releasing that because they really get it for them that really put those emotions in chocolate. And so that’s why they’re Rachel chocolate in times of stress and anxious anxiety and depression. Right. So EFT as we know it now in modern times was developed by someone called Gary Craig. It was back in the 70s. Right? And it’s got a what if you trace it back even further. It’s got its roots in some kinesiology as well. But then kids kinesiology, you have to muscle test for tapping points. And Greg, Gary Craig said we want this to be accessible to everyone. So what he did was he developed this algorithm of tapping points, that takes care of your major organs around your body. Because really, that’s where a lot of emotions turn up in and as You’re tapping anyway, you’re actually accessing your meridian points. And it doesn’t matter Where’s where’s your left arm, right where we’re symmetrical on both sides. And so as you’re tapping along, it takes care of all your energy, the Qi, or the lifeforce that’s locked in certain places to unblock it. Now how people can use in terms of binge eating is what what’s great about tapping is that it takes care of the challenge the immediate challenge, right? So you might be walking down coals and that Cadbury chocolate are literally capital book the whole lot, right? Purple, right down left and right. And you’ve been your brains is going Purple, purple, purple, I love purple, I will miss all always get the consistent bar chocolate chocolate loves me and I love chocolate. And you’re trying to find your real pals trying to fight those voices, it’s like, what you do is tap on your karate chop point, this is what they call your karate chop point. And there’s, first of all, it’d be good if you removed yourself from the alse. Right, because depending on how anchored that issue is, right? When you think about chocolate, you go, Oh, it’s a 10 out of 10 chocolate that’s on sale that’s on special, I can buy three bars of each placed into your trolley, you walk away and you just have you go, I really want that chocolate, I really want that chocolate. I love my Cadbury chocolate and literally say what comes to your mind about chocolate, right? And then you might go this is a 10 out of 10 Get out my way. If I was at home right now, I’ll eat that whole bar. This is you tap for about a minute and you go hang on, let me go back and look at that chocolate. And that might come down to five, which is then a lot more manageable than a 10 out of 10. Right like 10 out of 10 Get out my way. Let me put that into my mouth. Five out of 10 will be I can consider putting one little square in my mouth, but not the whole row. That’s a five hour turn. That’s insane. Okay, and so that’s manageable. When you tap by yourself, you can bring it down to a manageable level, which is great. Right? Now, if you want to get an insight into the source of it. I think unless you’re very trained and aware for yourself, and I this is someone who’s been in training, development and transformation education since 2004. I still tablet of chapek Tapping practitioner, because I can’t see my own trees on the middle line the forest. When you’re in it, when you’re in it, it’s too irrational to rationalise it, especially from your brain like asking your subconscious. Oh, don’t worry, I’m safe right now not believing it, you can tell me the souls memory and how come I’m so screwed up about chocolate, your brain ain’t going to do that. So it’s best to if you want to shift something that’s really quite anchored. That’s an unworkable pattern for you for a very long time decades, right? It’s like you’ve got a PhD in eating chocolate. And all of a sudden you you’ve acquired some type certificate, let’s say I, the PhD is gonna win, oh, and three decades of PhD, you might have three PhDs over your taste certificate, who’s gonna win your PhD. So that’s when you need to tap with a tapping practitioner to really remove and go in and unplug that particular thing that came into your brain that you know, installed in your brain when you’re five or six or whatever.

Anthony Hartcher 23:45
Yeah, I can really see the benefit. And then, you know, and understand the rationale as to how it works, you know, as you said, you know, we have this trigger, you know, amygdala has heightened, you know, fear centre, then it sends that fear response to the body, I you know, this Danger Danger you need to get out and then all the blood and that the QI the energy’s going to these vital organs, and you know, those acupressure points that you’re tapping on the, you know, the meridians, as you said, is, you know, releasing and allowing the flow of the Qi, the energy, you know, away from those vital organs and telling the body that, hey, it’s, it’s, it’s not a threat to you. It’s just, you know, it is what it is. It’s just a bit of chocolate, but, you know, it’s not gonna it’s not life threatening, and you don’t need a this, this fear response as a result. And yeah, and I really liked how the whole process of you know, acknowledging what you’re going through, you know, so that that psychotherapy is to you know, actually, because, you know, as part of that, you know, mental therapy You need to accept the situation before, you know you can then heal, you know like, you’re correct. Yes. So you’ve got to have that. Well, first of all the awareness, the acknowledgement, and then from that acknowledgement, acceptance, and then you can move through that phase of healing. And that’s what I like about that psychotherapy, because you are actually, you know, acknowledging the problem, you’re not hiding from it.

Fay Chan 25:23
No, yeah. Yeah. It’s I mean, the foundation of EFT is acceptance by business that, like resistance is there, I can guarantee you’ll be like, insights in the results, not chips will be done very good insights, which are just very good thoughts, right. But when it’s when you’re acknowledged through acceptance, and that’s why people like, if I can bring money again, people are petrified in accepting what they’ve gotten, what they haven’t got, what they’ve generated, what they haven’t generated, what is clearly a negative balance versus a positive balance, why it’s factual. Just like, I’m meant to be this weight, and I’m 10 kilogrammes about that, or 20 kilogrammes above that, and my fat cow, I don’t know, what is this, some, you know, whatever you guys use as a measurement. Like, people don’t want to accept it, it’s through, it’s only through acceptance. And really being with all the upset and all the frustration or the failures, and, you know, in order to disappointments and regrets, and only through that, that you come through the other way. And that’s why you can never start tapping on affirmation, like, oh, this dress is just gonna leave me right now. Or this, you know, it’s like, no, you can’t do that. Because what’s fundamentally, there is a real disbelief. It’s like you want that to happen, right? But it’s like, your system is not going to believe it. I’m clear, like, he got off, you know, all this way to just drift off me and I’ll be a size 10 straight away, you know, I love myself and I looked so good, I could really be with myself, right? And I can speak about that, because I do Bikram yoga. And I mean, that became yoga shorts and tank tops, and I’m in front of the mirror, and you’re dripping with sweat, there’s no makeup on you. And you get to be with yourself in 40 degree heat for 90 minutes. Right. And it’s like, it’s really hard to be witness. Right. And so it really is tapping and any fundamental coaching for people that actually, you know, have the rubber hit the road coaching, and not talking about really nice, lovely horses, really is through acceptance, and then you can do something about it.

Anthony Hartcher 27:45
As you said earlier, it’s it’s that applying that regular applying the consistency is where you start getting the real results, you know, in terms of unravelling that really hard, you know, stubborn behaviour, that’s, you know, haunted Yeah, so many years. So I’m

Fay Chan 28:00
sure you come across that a lot. You know, they get an insight, or they get the surge of inspiration that really last six weeks, and then they drop off the cliff’s edge. He does like well forget about those results.

Anthony Hartcher 28:15
And, and that’s where that, you know, as you said, you still you still have a tapping coach that you see on a regular basis. And that’s where that coach is really. Yeah, that that’s that’s their role, essentially, to hold the hold the person accountable. And to you know, and you know, it’s black and white, that’s, you know, have you done it or you haven’t, and you know, what’s holding you back, and you know, how can we help you apply it more regularly and more consistently and in in time working with a coach who will become a habit? Yes. So yeah, I totally agree with that approach. And in our how, how I can really see how you work really effectively with your clients. Yeah. Is there? Is there anything else you’d like to share about tapping? Is there a client success story that you’d like to share a real tough case that, you know, through this process, you’re able to liberate them and turn a successful leaf over?

Fay Chan 29:14
Yeah, um, I had a client come to me, and she experienced some group tapping with me. And then she goes, Look, I’m gonna attack with you right now, because I just can’t be with 2020. I think 2020 is taking this away from me. Right? And in I feel like I’ve been ripped off 2020. And I don’t know why and I can’t play with it. And what happened was, she had a memory come up between 10 and 13 years old, where she was not treated well by a close person that she knew. And she felt that between the ages of 10 and 13, that those years was going from him and so She had worked through there were different counselling sessions and psychological sessions and stuff like that. However, obviously, as much as the charge was had decreased, it was unplugged. And so 2020 happens and feels like a rug being pulled off from under her, it’s been a year, it’s been taken away from her. And what comes up is, she had no idea, you know, and it came up during the tapping session, that of this particular various events that happened between when she was 10, and 13. And she felt that her childhood was stolen away from her between those years. And we saw the association. So we have to go in and really release it. And she felt really freed up, like really freed up to just be herself, you know, and that was really liberating. I had a few typing sessions with with this particular client, and she loved it, she loved it, she had never felt so free to be yourself.

Anthony Hartcher 30:57
And so how quickly can you know, a client realise benefits it through a single session? I mean, obviously, applied over time, you’re going to get more long term success. But you know, through a single session, will you be, you know, release some symptomatic relief for and I, well, I’ve

Fay Chan 31:16
looked for emotional eating, I have managed to shift Cadbury chocolate in one session, right. And, and, and that’s, that’s the eating part, like the, you know, sweet potato chips. That’s the eating part. But then you need to come back for what’s underneath it. Otherwise, that that might go away. And then what comes underneath it is like, you can’t be with be with being lonely or depress on fit up on board. Or I need belonging, and you can’t at the moment. And so what happens is your brain like I was tapping with another client on chocolate, right? And the, and it was so funny. I saw the brain work like this. I’m tapping her there. She’s like, Oh, great. You know, I felt really good. My gut feels better now. It was exhausted. But it’s, you know, because of the gut brain. She’s doing it all her gut, we’ve been laced it all from my gut. And then, and I say, I mean, you just think about chocolate right now. Or she had some chocolate there she goes, I really don’t know, I really, really don’t want anything. And it straight away. Her brain went to help her baking. And I’m like, Whoa, did you just say that? I’m like, I like it just doesn’t want to be caught by wheat and hooked to chocolate. And we’re looking for something else spiking. So the next session I said, bite something. We’re gonna tap on it. And she bites a lemon slice. And what the lemon slice to her side of the tapping appointment. And that’s it smell the lemon side. Let’s tap a little lemon sighs What do you say? What do you feel? We tapped on it. And then we shifted her baking. So she’ll back when she bakes not back so that she can feel like she’s been useful of feel like she’s contributing of feel like this is how I need to organise my household. I need to be doing this. This is my job. Right? So we shifted from chocolate straight onto baking. Right? And so we had to then tap on baking to really completely unplug it.

Anthony Hartcher 33:31
And yeah, so you really clearing the person’s mind so that they can think rationally as opposed to irrational thinking which is very much driven by that fight or flight that megalith centre being aroused. So yeah, I can I can see how that works because you’re now allowing that person’s prefrontal cortex to function and that executive function to operate and you know, you’re sending the QI or the energy or the butterfly. So that executive centre Right, yeah, exactly. And that’s where they can make rational decisions as opposed to emotionally driven decisions. Yeah,

Fay Chan 34:05
yeah, exactly. And it’s really it’s really liberating to say, and at the same time really quite interesting to see when the brain skip to one thing to another. I’m just like, hang on, hang on. I like it. That’s how come you need to tap with this practitioner. Because I saw that I saw that jump straight away. It came out of her mouth but for her she was really justified about it. She’s like, No, but helper baking.

Anthony Hartcher 34:36
It was a second guide to it was, you know, the the second piece? Not the primary, not the primary, but the secondary. Yeah,

Fay Chan 34:43
exactly. And, and I’m like, wow, okay, this catches little sucker.

Anthony Hartcher 34:49
Yeah. And then ultimately, it’s getting to that, that, that ultimate foundation of causation and that’s, you know, once you release that, then you’re pretty much that person is, is a lot more freer in in terms of those unhealthy habits that yeah, that have been covering up that traumatic event, so to speak, or, you know, some experience or some emotional time and, you know, develop layers of protection through 18. Or just unhealthy or it could be drinking or smoking or whatever. Safley.

Fay Chan 35:26
Yeah, yeah, well, even the layers of emotional weight. Right, that, you know, I know a few people that have gone to several naturopaths and several doctors and several whenever, and however, healthy day eight, however much they track this whole, there’s always just a threshold, they get there, but they can’t bypass that threshold. Right? And it is, it is an emotional threshold. Right? It’s an emotional way and your body will go nap, you know, your normal, you know, for you. It’s 100 kilogrammes at all times. It’s like, what whatever it is your brain is going to fire off and go not, you’re at an unhealthy level at 95 kilogrammes. I want to push you back up to 100. Because that’s right. So that threshold will always be there. And so it’s the work of maybe it’s medicine that you need. Maybe it’s something that you think that you literally combat the physiological factors, as well as doing the emotional assistance to bring it down to that level. And then you restart at 95 kilogrammes going down.

Anthony Hartcher 36:38
Yeah, that’s a great point, because we refer that as the setpoint. So a person’s setpoint. And it’s the point at which they’re, that body will be so stubborn in terms of resisting any further weight loss, because it feels, you know, like it’s protecting needs to protect itself. It’s a survival mechanism, and it’s inbuilt. And that setpoint is different for everyone. But you’re right, that they’ll get stuck at a point where they just can’t shift anymore. And no, you’re saying that through this emotional release? They can then move beyond that. setpoint Yeah,

Fay Chan 37:12
and with help, like people like yourself, Anthony, it’s like, you need these systems, from the physiological point of view, as well, to combat the physical signals. Yes, right. As well as then then it’s like, right, it’s almost like going, you need to have emergency savings in your bank account. Before you can think about, oh, let’s generate my own business. It’s like, we can’t keep a roof over your head. Don’t think about generating a business go get a job just to get kind of wins. Right? So the set point is like, you know, go and get the assistance in terms of like, you know, the physiological systems is like getting the job done, right. And then when you’re not facing triggered by I’m going to be homeless or what have you. Because right, then you can work on Alright, let’s build let’s let’s build on unhooking the emotional senses. Right, and it together, and probably as a team, you and I can then work to mix up. Let’s get this person down to 95 keywords. Let’s get it down to 90, but every part is going to be another new set point. Yes. He’s gonna Yeah,

Anthony Hartcher 38:18
yes. Yeah, absolutely. That’s fantastic. And I really love that collaborative collaboratory approach to healthcare, because I think, you know, us working together as a whole really gives the client far better outcomes than they could achieve with a single practitioner. Because, yeah, it’s attacking it from different angles and really giving you that accelerated journey towards your health goal. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I really enjoyed the discussion with you today. Fay, how can listeners viewers, I best get in touch with you.

Fay Chan 38:57
While I’m very active on my Facebook page, let’s call LivingwellwithFay all one word. So you can find me there or just type Fay Chan and I’ll probably turn up my instagram handle is the same one. So LivingwellwithFay

Anthony Hartcher 39:13
LivingwellwithFay fantastic and I’ll I’ll include those tags, where I post this so your viewers can just go straight down to the show notes and they’ll find a direct connection with your Facebook page and they can message you and yeah, really? Yeah, just like to thank you for sharing all your wisdom, your experience with the listeners today. For listeners, if you like the episode, please share it with others that could benefit you know, anyone else, you know that experiencing emotional eating anxiety, or, you know, anything associated with that, or just not feeling themselves, you know, feeling a bit isolated down, then, you know, this is a great adjunct to whoever whoever else they seem to support them. So yes So please you know share it with them like the episode and stay stay tuned for more insightful episodes and me and my health up and thanks again they really appreciated your time and sharing all your knowledge with us My absolute pleasure thanks for having me here thank you

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