Anthony Hartcher on Avoiding The Dark Side of Hustle Culture while Levelling Your Health Up

This is an insightful discussion on a topic that resonates with me and many of my clients right now. Whether you refer to it as hustle culture, always being in work mode, or feeling like you’re stuck on a never-ending treadmill, personal experiences suggest that it lacks joy, sustainability, and effectiveness.

🎙️Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Anthony Hartcher, the CEO of me&my wellness, a clinical nutritionist, and a specialist in lifestyle medicine. me&my is dedicated to enhancing and enlightening the well-being of individuals. Their approach involves considering the entire situation, asking more profound questions, listening attentively, and delving deeply to discover the most effective solutions.

📌 In this enlightening conversation, we explore:

1️⃣ Anthony’s journey towards providing holistic health solutions and using food as medicine.
2️⃣ Does Anthony believe in achieving balance in the age of digital connectivity, or is it an elusive ideal?
3️⃣ Unveiling the Three Big Lies of Hustle Culture (inspired by an article on
4️⃣ The truth about time scarcity: It’s not about managing time; it’s about managing decisions and priorities.
5️⃣ Rethinking money as the ultimate goal and understanding that financial success doesn’t always equate to emotional or personal fulfillment.
6️⃣ Exploring the toxicity of constant busyness and the revelation that being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive.|
7️⃣ Is it possible to achieve success and contentment without constant pushing and striving?
8️⃣ Discussing the harmful effects of hustle culture on our well-being.
9️⃣ Learning how to avoid falling into the trap of hustle culture.

🌈 Discover the best piece of advice Anthony has ever received, and find inspiration for your own journey towards well-being and balance. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with me&my Wellness. 💚🎧