All things LOVE – How to Reignite Love in a Relationship where it is Lacking and the signs are ominous!

me&my health up podcast episode #39 – Transcript

Anthony Hartcher 0:01
Welcome to another insightful episode of me&my Health Up. The purpose of this podcast is to enhance and enlighten the well being of others. I’m your host Anthony Hartcher. I’m a clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist. This podcast is all about love with Miranda Claire, the soulmate coach, our relationship and mindset expert, speaker, coach, writer, plus matchmaker.

Miranda has been a relationship expert for over 11 years after studying and working extensively over the last two decades in the areas of relationships, human behavior, positive psychology, mindset, matchmaking, and personal transformation and development. Miranda is an internationally certified master Coach and Trainer on these subjects and certifies and coaches, other coaches and psychologists. Welcome Miranda.

Maranda Claire 1:02
Wow, what an intro mouthful, that I love that no one can say the word matchmaker without raising their eyebrows. Oh, it’s funny, I kind of wait for it and as as the kind of love doctor, which I’ve been called, I call myself the soulmate coach but as long as it’s got love in there somewhere, I won’t complain, I actually even noticed your last name has the word heart in the beginning of your surname. So it’s definitely going to be all things love and conveniently, we’re kind of tiptoeing into February, and we’ve got Valentine’s Day coming up.

So whether your listeners are single, or their soul mated, or they would like to be or maybe they’re dating themselves at the moment, self dating is a really on trend way to kind of describe the whole self love and just self healing period, which is really healthy as well, I hopefully we’ll be adding a lot of value for no matter where you are in the soulmate spectrum.

Anthony Hartcher 1:52
And that’s a really good point Miranda, because often when people leave a relationship, and certainly there’s a lot of that happening around that New year, new person new you, you know, they’re looking at the relationship and thinking do I want to put up with this for another year? And so that, you know, some people are looking at the exit door, others are out the exit door? Once you’re out the exit door, or you’re looking to get out? What’s the first point? You know, what’s the first recommendation do you provide for your clients around this, you know, whether they rediscover their love for their self before they find and get into another relationship is that you know, the most important thing, so I really wanted to get your insight into what people should do if they’ve just exited a relationship or about too?

Maranda Claire 2:37
Absolutely. That’s a really great question and it’s nice to have that question because it brings up some amazing answers. What I would say is, you know, there’s two schools of thought one school of thought is called, it’s called a breakup, because it’s broken and another school of thought is, don’t leave until you’ve left every stone unturned because the only thing worse than that immediate rejection that a breakup involves is regret, in case you’ve made the wrong decision, or perceived that you may have, or there’s a lack of closure for one or both parties.

So it’s really about wanting to really honor both of those sides of the equation, and do the work where I call it consciously breaking up if you’re going through, and I call it consciously breaking through, if that’s what’s meant to be. I truly believe that if two people are meant to be together, nothing will keep them apart and if two people are not meant to be together, nothing is going to keep them together and when I say meant to be, you can interpret that as a little bit more woowoo, spiritual, divine face or whatever you want. Or you can look at a bit more practical, like if our personalities are not meant to mesh together. Because our values are different. Our parenting styles are different, our communication styles are different.

That’s another bit more, you know, if you look at left brained, or right brained reasons of what I mean, not not meant to be, you know, let’s face it, you could choose to be into relationship with anyone. But the reality is with the right person, where there’s a lot of compelling compatibility and communication and synergy and our values are aligned, it’s going to be a very different relationship to where you have two people where you do not have that stuff where you have the opposite of it. What I would say is a big part of the breakup journey, if you are in that place would absolutely be going well, look, I, this could be broken, or this could have potential, but I think we should do the work on self love, and on really getting the breakthroughs that we came together to get as a couple because either we will find our spark if there’s the potential willingness, the commitment for that to happen, and we’ll be glad we did so allow families so allow finances usually because it’s obviously more involved than just a breakup. And what I say is somewhat cheaper than a divorce if people give me any kind of objections.

If you guys are not meant to be together, then you can literally break up knowing you haven’t left a stone unturned. You’re not going to wake up at 3 in the morning a year from now and go, what have I done! Or date some person on Tinder and the date doesn’t go well and go God, I miss being in a relationship, you’re literally going to say, look, I’m ready for the ups and downs of singledom because I’ve done the ups and downs of relationships. That person in that relationship just wasn’t right but I’ve got the learnings and the breakthroughs because if you don’t get those learnings and you just up and leave, chances are you haven’t actually got the lesson. You’ve just jumped out and what people often do is they will date the same person in a different body in their next relationship, because they haven’t actually resolved what it is about them that attracted that lesson in the first place, not to say that it’s their fault, or shame them or do anything like that.

At the end of the day, if my clients come to me, and they say, I keep dating narcissists, or I keep dating, emotionally unavailable, men or women, I say, well, that’s really unfortunate, but what’s the common denominator? If they’re not really knowing what the answer is, I point them to the nearest mirror, because yes, those people are running patterns that are toxic, but what are you putting on your hook that makes you irresistible to that pattern. Until both of you do that work, you’re likely going to keep running that pattern.

So I would say, if you think you’re breaking up, do the work around self love, get you back to a 10 out of 10, deep dive into the relationship, possibly with some couples coaching with someone like me, or if you have the toolbox yourself, but you’re rare, very rarely be able to have the same level of communication or blind spots pointed out within a relationship that you can with that third party mediating, especially if they’re skilled at doing so.

That way, one of one of a couple of things will happen, you’ll either work it out, be glad you did. Or you’ll break up consciously with a whole bunch of breakthroughs, knowing you didn’t leave a stone unturned. No one finished business for the party. You can go out into the new chapter of your life knowing that you’ve done with that chapter and you let go with love, light and gratitude and you hopefully avoid a really expensive legal fee or anything like that. Because whilst the relationship didn’t work romantically, it doesn’t mean you can’t exit out a bit like friends that are grateful for teaching each other some stuff.

Anthony Hartcher 7:08
That’s fantastic response, this new brought up so many things that I’m thinking, What shall I ask next? What’s on my mind is I guess it relates to a personal experience that I had, you know, being a male, and not being a great communicator. It’s sort of at your blind sided to picking up the communication from your partner, or in my case, it was my former wife. So I had no life.

So when it all happened to me, you know, when the breakup happened, I was totally gobsmacked as to where did this come from, you know, like, this is a naive male, just no idea. I’m thinking there’s, there could be like one partner that’s been contemplating it for a while, and it could have been the past year, whilst we’ve been in this COVID-19 situation, and just not enjoying the company of one another, or the energy and probably both of them. Then that partners, you know, just on the verge of saying, let’s have this discussion, I’m ready for this and then the other partner just hasn’t come around to picking up on all the signals from the past year that things aren’t great.

So is there some sort of way to approach this subject, so that, you know, because I really like the approach that you mentioned in terms of really not leaving a stone unturned, raising everything, really nice self reflecting, reflecting both on the relationship on why we got together so I love all those key points, but I’m thinking it’s there’s that that real difficult step to make to think that you know, this, I’m in this space, but I don’t think my partner is or, and yeah, so how do you how do you bridge that gap?

Maranda Claire 8:56
There’s so many things I want to say in the same way you’ve got a million questions, I’ve got a million answers. And I think you’re a brilliant communicator. So I think you’ll that relationship ending probably was the breakthrough that recalibrated that area of your life because look at you now and you do it for a living and you’re right that got. What I would say is everyone wants intimacy, but no one wants into me say, which is what leads to intimacy intimacy as in let down the walls get vulnerable, be transparent, have the hard conversations and don’t call them the hard conversations don’t call them the arguments, don’t call them the fights. Call them us being safe to be real because the more authentic and real we can be, and the vehicle for that is authentic, tender communication done calmly and done artfully and it’s a skill like anything else.

You know, I wouldn’t expect you guys to get a canvas out necessarily paint a masterpiece. I wouldn’t expect you guys if you’ve never public spoke done public speaking to get up and be Tony Robbins wouldn’t expect you just wake up tomorrow with a law degree and understand all of the legalities in a given case. People, I think, because it is so natural and innate to attract or want or pray to partner, I think we think sometimes we’re just born with the operator manual of how to nail it once they’re there, or how to navigate it if they’re not.

It’s an actual skill, just like having that law degree. I certainly am incredibly intuitive. But everything that I teach is stuff that I’ve actually spent the time energy and care to learn from textbooks, from mentors from courses from books. I’ve applied it to my own relationships, I’ve worked with 1000s of clients and apply it to theirs, seen it work fine tune it, seen it work even better and it’s some of it is really counterintuitive, let alone, not just straightforward, common sense. Regular communication where both parties are safe to be real and they actually lean forward and step forward and look forward to emptying the cup is what I call it, which just means safe to be real, what is on your mind.

I think we’re in a society where a lot of people have unresolved wounds around being assertive. And being assertive is different to being aggressive. And I think sometimes we think having honest chats with our partner, we mistake being assertive and calm and loving with being aggressive. So we had to do the conflict avoidance where we build it, we build it, we build it, we snap, or we kind of do the snap early on, because we don’t realize there’s a shade of gray between bottling up and building up. That shade of gray is actually being able to say, Sweetheart Is now a good time, I’ve got something I want to share with you and you actually make it exciting and smile when you do rather than doing them Have you got a minute we need to talk because no one wants to feel like they’re being called into the principal’s office.

All of these little techniques, build positive association because we are constantly every single thing that we relate to in our world we’re associating pleasure or pain or pleasure or pain is this fight, flight freeze or step forward. We need to train our mates, nervous system. And also if we’re single and dating, and we’re a Tinder date, we need to train that strangers nervous system, that it’s safe to be real. I’m on your team. I’m kind, I’m your friend, I’m not a threat. Until you can help someone’s nervous system lower all those unconscious walls, they’re either not going to hear a thing you have to say, they’re not going to wander or your fight and flight mechanism will fire up, you’re not going to have the thing to say or wonder. Before you know it, you’ve either got two ships in the night not communicating and doing the avoidance thing, or you’ve got them lashing out being too you know, kind of aggressive, you know, wounded animals. And in either of those situations, there’s zero communication that’s effective.

So you need to really be able to have that safe to be real communication and prevention is better than cure. But if you’re at that stage that one or both of you feel like walking away, well, it’s never too late. It ain’t over until you know, the fat lady sings or until you’re saying the soulmate coach, and we have turned a resewn under gender. But um, I yeah, I really do believe safe to be real. You need to have rituals around that and strategies around that where there’s beautiful body language, it’s something we step forward to, we don’t fight for, you know, flight or freeze around that.

I’m a big fan of the walk and talk. So this is relating to anchoring. When what anchoring is it’s the way Pavlov’s dogs did that experiment fed the dogs rang the bell, and neurologically the dogs associated eating with the bell so they could be fully fed, they could have had, you know, double servings, but you’d ring that bell and then start salivating ready for food again.

Human beings get anchored or locked in neurologically to so many triggers. Sometimes you can just see your partner’s face and they go come have a chat and you’re already anchored to that time you were five humiliated in the principal’s office, that time your partner almost left you all those partners that cheated on you being bullied when you were six, and all that association because of that tone that face. So we’ve got to be really cautious and triggers or anchoring can be visual, like a person’s face, auditory, like just a tone of voice or a certain sentence a certain song. It can be kinesthetic. So if you grab someone’s arm whilst they’re in a certain emotion, they can link the two together in a nervous system fashion.

So why I like to walk and talk is the home and the favorite restaurants and the date night. Safe sacred spaces purely for fun friendship and moments and report. walks and talks means you pick a new park. It’s not your favorite parks, they’re not going to ruin your favorite park and you walk in talk, you don’t need to make eye contact. You don’t need to be analyzing body language. You’ve got endorphins flowing, you’re not anchored to the couch. You’re not anchored to favorite restaurant, you’re going to destroy with this honest conversation and you’re walking and guess what you’re matching and mirroring each other’s body language you’re in rapport. Your shoulders shoulder which represents two Teamwork, it’s us versus the problem rather than you versus me sitting opposite each other, you feel a bit more like, you know, Tony Soprano on The Sopranos kind of, you know, talking to one of these enemies. And that’s not what an honest conversation should be.

Let’s associate it with exercise out of the home, and then get it off your chest, and then you send to each other. When each other talking, you don’t listen to retaliate, you listen to hear, and you imagine what’s it like to be you, and you come from your heart, and you really empathize. You imagine what if this was 100%, my responsibility to fix let me hear them so I can fix it. Then when you talk, you want them to do the same. They really listen from their heart and they think if this was 100%, my responsibility to fix what would I need to hear and do.

If you have two people, aggressively giving, rather than wondering what they’re getting or not getting, you have a loving relationship where everyone is topped up, and we top up ourselves through self love. In the background, it’s no one else’s job to fix us to be our therapist, to make us happy to make us whole. That’s our job. Our relationship is here for love, romance, connection, aligned goals in adventures, and we sometimes get the roles all mixed up. So they’re not our parents or our exes, either and I, at the end of that walk, encourage both people to look in the eye, hold hands be face to face at that point and say person one, have you emptied your cup? And person two says, yes. The other person does the same. Have you emptied your cup? Yes. And if there’s even a bit of a pause, or kind of, we keep walking, and we stop until we can both say, Yes, we hug more than 20 seconds, because it takes that long for the nervous system to go. We’re good. That links positivity to the honest conversation. So it has all the endorphins. Then we go home, we go to our favorite restaurant, we clean the house, but the house and the favorite spots and the date nights and the Anniversaries are a fight free location. And you need the discipline to do that.

Anthony Hartcher 17:06
That’s fantastic. Your answered, you know, a couple of questions that were raised earlier on, when you’re answering the question that you’ve then answered later on and those were around men, and you know, being vulnerable and opening up and self expressing. So that’s where I see the challenge for men around the communication, whereas women generally don’t have the same sort of, you know, they’re more open, and they’re more, you know, willing to provide that. This is who I am and then the other one was, from a woman’s perspective around, you said that assertiveness and I could see that, you know, could be a particular challenge for women whereas for men, it’s the vulnerability.

What I liked was that walking and talking, because it removed both of those, you know, in some way, so for men, you know, that thing of, I don’t like showing my vulnerability. Well, as you said, you’re walking shoulder to shoulder, you’re a team you feel, you know, united, you’re not looking at someone’s face and you know, picking up, concerned about their body language and what what are they going to think if I say this, you can just sort of let it out and then put it out to the universe and, and then they pick up everything from you, because they’re working shoulder to shoulder with you. So for the men, it’s a lot easier to be vulnerable when they’re doing this walk that talk and not face to face. And then for women to you know, get show this a bit more assertiveness and to really, you know, empty their cup, this process is so much easier.

Maranda Claire 18:53
Often often in relationships, it’s really weird that people will either overshare in an aggressive way, they will under share in an avoidant way. Or they’ll say the opposite of what they mean in a really confusing way, which is like, no, no, no, don’t get anything for my birthday, you better get me that way. So you know, where communication is key actually saying what you mean? How you may not having rituals, like The Walking talk to allow for it and encourage it.

I would say do sweat the small stuff we’re in a culture of don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m like, absolutely sweat the small stuff. Because this is a positive conversation. This is building intimacy. chats like this make the friendship better, they make the sex better, they make the big arguments better. I personally would rather get good at doing the walk and talk when it’s about a little bit of, you know, sloppiness and cleanliness around the house. If you’ve gotten used to doing that every day if you have to make it your ritual after work to decompress and help each other decompress. I would say do it every day, lock it in, make it a ritual. Worst case, do it once a week or bi weekly, because you get the practice on the small stuff which builds the comfort zone in expertise for the big stuff. And it’s exactly the same format. I would say is within the emptying of cup of both people, a real focus on the love stuff love known as the feedback sandwich is really important.

So rather than just going what ft off about is, is that sometimes that can be cathartic. And if you have two people that have that communication style that may work for you. But to go on the safe side, I recommend this for all styles. But you know, there’s no correlation between really expressive communication slash arguing styles and divorce.

Some of those relationships stand the test of time, I’ve studied the Harvard statistics on what makes or breaks relationships. What I would say it’s a feedback sandwich. So person, one exempting their cup and it needs to be love, feedback, love. As much as possible, it needs to be in the context of you owning it. So rather than you did this, you did that, realize there’s three fingers pointing back at you and one finger pointed at the partner. Don’t focus on the one one finger pointed at them focus at the tree back at you, when you describe the same thing.

For instance, we’re walking, okay, what I love about you, as my partner is you taking the time to do this walk and talk which was suggested. And I’m really moved in making that kind of effort for us. I love when you did dinner this week. I love when you played with the kids sport, I love when you made the bed just because when usually I do that all of that was awesome and I noticed all of that all of these compliments gets the person associating positivity, their nervous system chilling down and then you can say cool, if I was to speak my truth today, and let’s just say it’s a daily chart or a need to have walk and talk, it would be look, if I speak my truth today. I’m feeling like a little bit. Okay, let’s let’s I’m thinking of a typical issue that I will deal with, with my clients maybe control freakishness where one couple feels, you know, that the other one is being controlling in some way.

Let’s say that I was expressing that if I was doing it in a finger point where I’d say what the thing I need to tell you is you’re being a real control freak to me, and you make me feel disempowered. That’s a really attacking comment where it’s all about you. What you want to do is focus on the thing is facing you even in the feedback section, and say the feedback that I would have is I’ve noticed that I’m feeling feelings of a lack of freedom within myself, I noticed I’m feeling quite triggered lately. I’m noticing I’m feeling kind of a little bit trapped. The common theme is the things that have me feel those feelings in my body or they bring up those issues which I own a My issue is that probably being activated, is when you sent me that text on Wednesday like that, there was a kind of relationship between that checks and match feeling that and I’m not blaming you, I own that it probably is my past shit coming up. But I just wanted to bring it up with you so that I can work on the past shit. And then you can work on the checks. And as a team, it can be US versus the problem. Because I don’t want to bottle this stuff up because the grain of sand can escalate and become the snowball. And I would rather sweat the small stuff while it’s a minor irritation, because I love you so much. And here’s the other love. I’m closing off the love sandwich now. I love you so much. You’re my soulmate. You’re the love of my life. And I feel so safe to be real with you about the tiny stuff, all the way through to the massive stuff. I just I adore you. And both people did that. And then they both said the cups empty the cups empty, big hug. Let’s go home. Yeah, everyday

Anthony Hartcher 23:29
Magic that that is so awesome that you know, just simple, really simple practice. But the way in which you’ve broken it down step by step, you can see the power and every step and the importance of doing every step that you mentioned. It’s very empowering. So you know, I really thank you for sharing those wonderful tips, because

Maranda Claire 23:50
I couldn’t, I missed one of your wonderful questions I just remembered about the male versus feminine. I just want to pops in my mind. Sorry to interrupt, you just want to want to pop it in there because it’s such a good thing to talk about.

There’s these things called masculine and feminine energy. I think that’s an unfortunate term for them because they then have the stigma masculine or feminine. no guy wants to be called you’re a really feminine guy and no woman wants to be called well, as anyone ever told you. You really masculine doesn’t generally land as a compliment. Some you know, there may be the reversal of that where you know, there’s certain chicks that are like cool and certain guys like I know right?

Generally speaking, that I wish we could rebrand because it’s such a powerful dynamic to understand within relationships with self and with soulmates. But let’s re label it masculine energy we could call oak tree energy, feminine energy we could call water energy. Notice that neither has agenda it’s just one is very firm, rigid and and you know what you say is what you get and really strong oak tree and the other one is really flowing and fluid and nurturing and go around the oak tree. That’s what we mean by masculine feminine energy, the oak tree is the ability to say no. Water is the ability to say, yes, oak trees, the ability to be really stubborn and firm. Feminine energy is the ability to be flexible. And we actually, as all human beings, regardless of our sexuality, or sexual preference, our bond, gender, all of those things, we actually need a balance of both. And we actually crave a balance of both within our partner.

The problem is most people have a little bit of a wound with either their masculine or feminine energy and it often has a lot to do with the parenting they got as a child and then associating pleasure or pain to masculine or feminine energy, and then adopting that in the form of either overly being obsessed with one and overly rejecting, ignoring or neglecting the other. We actually need to be like a yin yang, as a man and as a woman, where it’s like, I can say, No, but I can say, Yes, I can be firm, that I can be flexible, I can be really selfless, but I can really self care and be selfish. It’s finding that fusion of both those energies that we need, and when you mentioned the talk, it kind of neutralizes the playing field. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you have a tendency to be very warlike and be scared of being firm, that walking in that power, and that ritual. And that structure of the feedback sandwich has you to be safe to be real and step more into your power.

When you’re maybe more likely to get really aggressive. This is how it is my way of the highway, having those boundaries around, you have to listen to hear, you have to take responsibility, you have to let both people empty their cup, you have to be equal and non intimidating in your body language, that really helps the more staunch oak tree energy to soften and equalize. That way both, it’s a really great reprogramming of the masculine and feminine energy and being safe to be real and being vulnerable. But then realizing that vulnerability is your ultimate strength. So there’s actually a relationship where the water waters the tree, and the tree has that relationship with the water and vulnerability and strength, actually the same thing.

Anthony Hartcher 27:07
Great response. So I really love from that balanced perspective and taking away the labeling from, masculine feminine to nature. That’s beautiful in itself. It’s very calming, just thinking of an oak tree and water, as opposed to masculine, you know, feminine, you know, maybe a bit weak and vulnerable, or it so I really love that labeling, and that binding of balance. Because, yeah, we certainly need more balance we need, and we need to have that flexibility and flow from a male perspective, and, and you know, women need to win the Times calls to be, strong and steadfast and say no, and, and, and what state say no with conviction. So I’m

Maranda Claire 28:02
Really interesting, because with the oak tree, often there’s a misconception that that is strength, and the water energy is weak. But that is a completely incorrect belief. Because a certain oak tree, the bigger and stronger it is, also means the older it is, and it could have some cavities and the first bolt of lightning because of all its rigidity, it will crack it down. Whereas that same water that was flowing around it, it might be a little bit more quietly confident with the initial strength that it portrays. But if you look at water hitting up against a rock or a building, it will erode it over time.

So water has a different kind of strength, but they both are needed, you’re actually going to have more strength overall, if you can have masculine and feminine energy, and then the wisdom and intuition to go is this true strength that I’m drawing on right now, in the in the sense of boundaries, assertiveness, all that stuff, or am I going to draw on my feminine strength right now, which is chipping away to calmly being there, flexibility is key here. They’re both actually strengthened, whether even in same sex couples, you often say the relationship sort of arrange itself. So there’s a deepening of masculine and feminine energy between even though they’re the same gender and that is because we have a deep unconscious kind of understanding that we need both energies.

What I would say is don’t just try and be in a partnership where you’ve got a masculine and feminine, build the masculine and feminine within you, and then be in a relationship where you can step into what feels more comfortable for you within that dynamic because then you’re going to polarize each other which means more attraction, more intimacy, more passion, because you know, when you have that difference, it’s like a magnet the two different poles connect even if you’re in a same sex relationship, but within the individuals that yield both their masculine feminine and can do both that together we like to sit like this or like this.

Anthony Hartcher 29:56
Fantastic. I really love that analogy but you know of the Oak tree, you know, oak tree, perceived as strong and it is strong when it’s youthful, but when it’s old, it’s more vulnerable and more susceptible to breaking, whereas waters got that more, I guess, long term strength, and endurance and as you said, wisdom, and I related that to that medical analogy of acute and chronic. So, you know, like, the oak tree has that more acute sort of strength, whereas the water has that chronic and the the acute, you know, over time will break, right, because if you have an acute issue that’s not dealt with, you will eventually break.

Whereas that chronic sort of, you know, withers away at you over a period of time, but in this case, it’s it’s more that enduring strength. So, really, that that analogy was amazing. And thanks for sharing and the fact that has connected with nature, and it’s connected with that balance of Yin and Yang and, and having, you know, a good mix and balance and dynamic state of both within and being able to be fluid and adjusting, you know, to when the other person may need you to express you know, a bit of feminine energy ever liked to them so you can further connect with them and, and help them

Maranda Claire 31:19
If the lightning didn’t hit the tree, the tree would need to float on the water and be nurtured by the water and the water actually is what’s been watering that tree to have it grow that tall. There’s this, you know, synergy between the two, and they support each other, they borrow from each other and it’s one is not better than the other, we need both like that perfect yin and yang. Then we need that sweet spot in the middle, which is called wisdom and intuition to know when we’re going to draw upon what or when we’re just going to be balanced and sort of sit in the middle.

Anthony Hartcher 31:48
Beautiful analogy. There’s so much that’s going around in my mind. And, you know, the first thing that’s coming to me at this stage is now we’ve spoken a lot about that that couple that may be breaking up into initiate the conversation and to not leave a stone unturned to make sure it’s the right decision. Or maybe it’s time to man because you’ve reconnected and now now I’m thinking about that that person that’s just left the relationship may have left some stones unturned. And I know this is gonna open up a whole new conversation. I really want to save it for another episode with you as opposed to just touching, touching the surface. Yeah, so. So yeah, we’ll certainly, we’ll book it in. And we’ll do part two of this amazing series on all things love with Miranda, Claire,

Maranda Claire 32:38
We got to get the singles some love. So, you know, there’s the ones that just got went through the breakup and during the healing stage, and then we got the other ones that are like, I’m single and ready to mingle. What do I do now and I do do matchmaking and, help with the mingling component. And the common theme with everything I do is life is relationships and it all starts with the relationship you have with yourself. So I would love to do a bit of a mini series with you. And yeah, I love it. I even if I help one person, that’s what I live for. That’s my drug. So anything I can do to get in front of more people and help them any way that I can in the area of love and relationships. like sign me up.

Anthony Hartcher 33:17
Awesome. Yep. So it I’ve committed to it. We’re doing a miniseries with Miranda, Claire. So yeah, stay tuned for the next next episode. But if you can’t wait, and you’re in that sort of point where you thought Miranda is brought up some amazing tips on on how it can reignite this spark in this relationship, or at least leave the relationship with no one’s on Turnstone. how can listeners viewers best get in touch with you, Miranda?

Maranda Claire 33:47
Look, I’m on all usual social media platforms, but I wouldn’t want you to get mixed up with Miranda or Marie Claire, because I’m Miranda Claire. I’m called the Soulmate coach. So on Instagram, it’s just @thesoulmatecoach. My email is Either of those would probably be great Instagram or email.

For those of you that are a bit more old school or running around like a crazy person like me, I spend majority of my day either in sessions or seminars or with soulmates so sometimes the good old fashioned checks can be good but my number is 0451 781 110 you’ll notice all of the ones because one is the soulmate number 1111. And yeah, I know I talk fast you might need to slow that down to get it again but out to me or put a message below wherever you say this and between myself and the amazing Anthony who is absolutely incredible and certainly my go to I send all my clients to him when it comes to wellness. He’s absolutely sensational at what he does when My clients as a gesture of self love felt very drawn to going plant based and wanting to do it the right way didn’t hesitate on sending them to the amazing Anthony’s same with anyone that wants to lose weight or transform their energy gut health, whatever it is. So if you want either of us post below and I’m sure we’ll we’ll match make you with one or another or each other or whatever we need to do to help.

Anthony Hartcher 35:21
And all I include those links in the show notes, so I’ll be if people can clink click on the link if they don’t pick it up in the audio because they’re more a maybe they’re more visual person. And yeah, so I just wanted to thank you again, Miranda, thanks for sharing your wisdom, your experience with our listeners today. For listeners. If you liked the episode, please like it, share it with others that could benefit and stay tuned for more insightful episodes. Of all things love with Miranda clear miniseries. Hey, you’re welcome. Thanks for joining us.

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