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Whether your body’s not well and you want it to get better. Or whether you’re doing just fine, but just want to be better. We’re here to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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About us

We exist because the world of wellness has become way too complicated.

So many options, from naturopaths, nutritionists and acupuncturists to osteopaths, chiropractors and physios. And so many ways to measure and monitor your own wellbeing. We get that your health is completely unique, and we thought about how we could develop a wellness system that could be completely personalised to you. So we created me&my. A new system that works to connect you to your own personal wellness goals.

Our purpose is to connect the dots of all of our 21st Century wellness options. It’s expert, simple and personal.

What we offer

So, what makes this new connected wellness system so special?

Your Wellness Team

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Your Personal Wellness Specialist

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Seamless Technology

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How it Works

Step 1

It starts with you.
You’re the focus after all.

Step 2

We connect you to your own Personal Wellness Specialist. They’re your connection to an entire network of the expert health and wellness practitioners and specialists. At your first consult, we’ll benchmark where you’re at with your wellness goals, and where you want to be. Following this you’ll receive a report with a personalised plan, recommendations on how to achieve your goals and information on the experts in the wellness team you’re about to go on a journey with.

Step 3

Your Personal Wellness Specialist will then connect you to the right experts, at the right time based on your own wellness goals.They’ll track your progress, and check in with the experts you see, and with you. They’ll make sure that you’re moving towards your wellness goals, in the ways you want to.

Step 4

And it all comes back to you, so you stay informed of your progress, your new options and relevant data. Taking into account your changing needs and wants. Keeping you in the loop at all times, with seamless technology and always-on response systems.Because we need to keep this about you, always.

Who we are

We’re a collective of experienced health and wellness specialists.Each one of us is an expert in our own field.

And each one of us with the same vision: that the world of health and wellness needs to shift direction. From reactive to proactive approaches.

From system-centricity to patient-centricity. And from an experience you tolerate, to an experience you love.

We came together to create a system that made this possible and that championed the ever growing number of people who are truly invested in their health, every day (because we think people who do that are pretty great).

That’s what we’ve created in me&my, and what we’re dedicated to constantly nurturing, developing and improving.

Our Team

Anthony Hartcher
Clinical Nutritionist & Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

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Yves Silveira

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Nynke Kuiper
Wellness Specialist Intern

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Alison Yang
Communications Intern

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Are you our next Personal Wellness Specialist?

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Are you our next Personal Wellness Specialist?

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To get started, we need to meet, and get to know you either face to face or via Skype or FaceTime. During this first consult we’ll complete a full health and wellness assessment, and you’ll receive a report and plan to help you achieve your wellness goals. To start on your journey click on the button below to book your first consult with your Personal Wellness Specialist.

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